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You get 'Longer Lasting results' with our deep scrubbing & residue removing carpet cleaning.

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*Pet urine stain removal*

Eliminate pet odors with enzyme based odor control.  We will work together to find the source of the odors, then we will injest enzymes that love to eat the source of that odor.  It may take a little while but it is a solution that works. While we are waiting for the process to work we can apply an effective deodorizing agent to the area.




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The Deepest Carpet Cleaning

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I want to thank you for the terrific job you have done. I never thought my carpets could come so clean. I will refer Astrobrite to my neighbors! - Julie Steele, Dale City, VA

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Hello, and welcome to Astrobrite Carpet Cleaning Dale City. I am Steve Hunter and I want to let you know that there are many carpet cleaning services out there that are advertising very low priced specials. Do not trust them. They are bait and switch offers. They will promise their price until they get their foot in the door.

That is when you will see a carpet cleaner turn into a salesman. He will walk through the house adding on for every spot. He will tell you that you need all these other services because your carpet is very dirty. Why do they think you called? Because your carpet wasn't dirty? That is ridiculous!

It is a game they play to get your business. Sure, if you pay the extras they will clean your carpet but it will be an average cleaning. However, if you don't agree to pay for the extra services you will get a poor quality service. They will actually just get your carpets very wet and some of those stains will go down deep into the fibers. Unfortunately, a lot of those stains will wick up the next day as the carpet dries.

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Becareful Who You Trust

Have you ever paid good money to have your carpets steam cleaned only to realize later that the stains came back? There are many residents that get rug cleaning VA who complain of these companies that made their rugs worse than they were before the cleaning. They come home the next day and they were still wet. Not to mention the mildew odors caused by the long drying process make their asthma or sinuses act up. Two days later many of their spots and stains have wicked back but the carpet cleaner wont come back!

You see, most people don't realize the carpet cleaner rushed through their home because he had more clients to clean for and only so many hours to get them done. Many companies have their cleaners earning money through commissions. The more jobs they complete in a day the more money they make.  These businesses usually advertise a "too good to be true" price. They don't really care about your rugs. They only care about how high they can increase your bill. My company Astrobrite of Dale City VA will measure your carpets and give you a written quote.

I don't up-sell products like deodorizer or deep stain scrub method. It is and should be included. My clients aren't surprised at what they are going to spend for their cleaning. Some companies out there have hidden costs that can rise until their bill is up to 5-6 times more than their advertised special. Don't fall victim to those scams! I just don't do business like that. My nephew and I do all the cleaning so you won't get an untrained technician working in your home.

You're Safe!

You're safe when you call Astrobrite Carpet Cleaning in Dale City VA. I use the new Deep Steam Clean machine called Rotovac Rotary Jet Truck-mounted Steam. It's not your average Joe's brush off the soil kind of cleaning. It is a super deep down carpet restoration unlike you've ever experienced before! See the video at the bottom of this page to watch the Rotovac side by side with the regular wand cleaning.

My cleaner Baby Safe contains no solvents, no butyl, noBaby pet safe carpet cleaner surfactant, no soaps and no chlorides. Rugs cleaned with Baby Safe stay clean longer because no soapy residue is left behind to cause re-soiling or contribute to chemical sensitivities. It is safe for babies and pets and it's hypoallergenic. Allergy sensitive people shouldn't breathe those other toxic chemicals with VOC's. I can get your rugs deep cleaned safely. Now imagine your whole house smelling fresh and being healthier with soft like new carpets when you first moved in your home. Your picky neighbor will even be surprised and run her hand over your rugs to feel how soft we made your carpets. Hurry call Astrobrite at (703) 914-2811 before we get overbooked or request a Free Estimate.









Lay on your rugs in 2-3 hrs!

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