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Rug Cleaning Northern VA.


You get 'Longer Lasting results' with our deep scrubbing & residue removing carpet cleaning.

The Most Thorough Rug Cleaning
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*Pet urine stain removal*

rug urine removal

Eliminate pet odors in Virginia

Area Rug Cleaning Northern Virginia.


Guaranteed deep carpet cleaning In VA


The Deepest Rug Cleaning

                  You've Ever Seen Or It's Free!* Dries in 2-3 Hours!

Family Owned Operated since 1988



Don't allow just any carpet cleaner to clean your wool or especially middle eastern and oriental rugs! They'll ruin them!! Hire a certified rug washer.






Since centuries ago rugs have been washed in rivers in the Middle East.

hand cleaning persian rugs virginiaStep One

If we don't remove the dry soil first it turns to mud. So we dust the rug with a Rug Badger. This step is almost always skipped by inexperienced rug cleaners. This is the proper way to immerse clean an oriental wool rug. There are many unethical and untrained carpet cleaners trying to steam clean fine oriental rugs and they are ruining them!


Oriental rug cleaning: Indian, Persian,

Chinese, Pakistani, Afghan, Turkish, Egyptian etc.

full immersion rug cleaning va

Step Two

Test the colorfastness of the rug. If it bleeds a little that is okay as we can treat it with a dye stabilizer to lock the dyes. Some rugs from war torn countries are big time bleeders because of the lack of water and need to bleed off some dyes. But, if we discover your rug is a super bleeder we may recommend dry cleaning which we are able to do as well.

Step Three

Overlooked by many other companies and especially steam cleaning services is a thorough vacuuming. Any dry dirt turns to mud as soon as it gets wet in the cleaning bath.

Step Four

The best procedure to clean a natural woven or machine made fiber rug is a full immersion bath hand cleaning. This is important to remove the bacteria, grit, dirt and contaminated fibers from the top through the rug to the backing.

I have been cleaning rugs since 1980. Rugs can be damaged by high heat and aggressive cleaning by machines. They should be hand cleaned in a pit bath.

Some companies pick up rugs and steam clean them back at their shop and still charge for a full-immersion cleaning. Ask them what method they use and to see their IICRC Rug Cleaning Technician certification identification card.

Your rug will be flat dried in our dedicated dry room. We have airmovers, dehumidifiers and heaters to thoroughly dry your rug as fast as possible. Many companies hang dry the rugs which causes wick up on the fringes and noticeable fold over patterns.

Northern VA Indian Chinese Oriental rug cleaners







Let Me Reiterate

1- We do not steam clean wool rugs! Your Oriental Rugs, Persian Carpets or area
rugs, kilims and tapestries will go through complete washing. Steam cleaning only
cleans the surface of your rug. It leaves the dirt inside. Dirt damages the fiber of
your Persian/Oriental or area rug.  It is also a potential danger for your health as the
dirt is always in the air and you will breathe it. We will wash your rug, rinse it and let
it dry completely in the sun. A clean rug, will last longer.
2- We do specialized and professional Oriental, Persian, and Area carpet
cleaning in our washing facility which is ideal for your valuable Persian/Oriental or
area rugs, kilims and tapestries. We also specialize in kilim, gilim and tapestry
cleaning & restoration.
3- We do expert spot/stain removal, whatever the cause might be. Pet urine has
been the main reason for color run (color bleeding) in many instances. Our team of
experts can take care of stains and spots.
4- Water damage maybe another reason for color run or color bleeding on your
Persian or Oriental Rugs & Carpets. Our cleaning experts know how to take care of


Our Rug Washing Packages

Silver Service Package 3.35 per sq. ft

    Vacuuming with powerful,  HEPA hypo allergenic filter vacuums removing deep down allergens and loose dirt from your rugs. 

    Dry Dusting - an important proceedure to get out all the dust hidden deep in the wool follicles. This one important step alone removes 70-80% of the dry particulates. A lot of carpet cleaners inexperienced with rug cleaning skip this step!

    Soft Oriental Rug Shampoo (for natural fibers only)*-  our hand cleaning treatment gently lifts away dirt without damaging your valuable Oriental rugs.  Our safe effective technique cleans your rug while bringing out the inherent shine and beauty of the natural fibers.

    Thorough Rinsing - We rinse several times with an acid-based rug rinse that removes all residue and shampoo so dirt will not be attracted back into the rug.

    Deodorizer Treatment eliminates any stale odors that accompany dirt buildup and some stains.  This treatment leaves your rug smelling as clean and fresh as it will look after our service! (Eliminates light odors only. For strong odors like pet urine and smoke ask about our special treatments.)

    Deep Scrubbing (for synthetic rugs only)* rotary bonnet cleaning to get in between the fibers of your rug and get out all the ground in dirt and stains, leaving it fresh and clean.

Gold Service Package 4.00 per sq. ft

    Our Gold Package has all the features of our Silver Package with the following additional service:

    Pre Spot Treatment to get out those hard to remove stains. Our Pre-spotting service treats each difficult stain by hand before deep scrubbing begins to ensure their effective removal.

    Fringe Cleaning to whiten yellowed or stained fringes.  Our hand fringe cleaning gives that finishing touch and attention to detail that will make your Oriental rug look like new!

Platinum Service Package 5.25 per sq. ft

    Our Platinum Package has all the features of our Gold Package with the addition of the following services:

    Scotchguard Treatment forms a barrier on the surface of your rug preventing liquids from penetrating and soaking in.  This gives you a chance to clean up stains before they damage your rugs, which keeps them looking better longer and maintains their value. 

Special Treatments

 are also available and can be added to any of our packages to create a custom cleaning to suit your particular needs. 

wool area rug cleaning va oriental rug cleaning in Fairfax Virginia


"We Are Highly Recommended"


    “The two rugs you cleaned for me look great. I’m very happy – but I must say. The job you did on repairing that old rug was wonderful. I haven’t seen it look this good for many years. Great job! --- Ron Esternly, Falls Church, VA

    “I would like to thank you for the excellent cleaning of my three rugs. They are beautiful and clean. Thank you, too, for taking such tender loving care of treasured Spanish rug!” --- Leslie Krum,  Alexandria, VA

    “Thank you for cleaning my disgustingly dirty rug. It came out so beautifully and smells wonderful, too. The job you did exceeded my hopes and expectations. I deeply appreciate your consideration and cooperation in delivering me a beautifully restored rug!” --- Linda Harold, Fairfax, VA

    “Thank you for the absolutely beautiful job you did in cleaning my rug. It looks better than it has in years!” --- Gloria Bingal Alexandria, VA

    “To the young man who washed my rugs and made them beautiful again: many thanks!” --- Mia Nowlan, Centreville VA









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Keep Your Home Healthy and Looking Great! 

Rug Cleaning

If you have an oriental rug in your home, you and your family must have enjoyed some warm and memorable moments on it. An oriental rug is considered to be a luxury item because it’s quite expensive and the right rug can definitely enhance the aesthetics of your home. This is why people tend to get attached to the rug after some time and it’s true that a high quality rug can last a lifetime or beyond. One of the simplest ways to maintain your rug is to vacuum it on a regular basis but it’s still not thoroughly clean. The best solution is to have your rug cleaned at least once a year by a professional carpet cleaner like Astrobrite 

Why should you choose Astrobrite? Well, we have been serving the Northern Virginia area since 1988 and we are highly recommended by our customers. When you choose Astrobrite, you will be choosing the deepest rug cleaning service in the region. What sets our company from other professional carpet cleaners? Firstly, you should know that we do not practice steam cleaning. However, steam cleaning is not the perfect solution for your rug because it only cleans the surface, which means that there’s still dirt inside the rug. To improve the quality of air in your home, it’s essential that all the dirt is removed from the rug and we know the optimal way to wash, rinse, and dry your rug. If there are spots or stains on your rug, we can remove them so that your rug will appear almost like new. 

Now, let’s take a brief look at our service packages. The starting package is the Astrobrite Silver Service Package. Here, we offer HEPA hypo allergenic filter vacuuming to remove loose dirt and allergens deep down inside your rug. For synthetic fiber rugs, we use the Cleaning Mist pre-treatment which starts the cleaning process effectively without the risk of over-saturation. Deep Scrubbing is the technique used to clean synthetic rugs. In order to remove all the dirt and stains trapped within the fibers, we use the rotary bonnet cleaning method. For natural fibers, we use the Dry Cleaning Foam treatment. Unlike synthetic fibers, natural fibers need a higher level of care so we will hand clean your rug gently to protect your investment. With this technique, the natural fiber rug will not only be super clean but its beauty will be enhanced as well. Next, we have the Deodorizer treatment which simply means that we will remove all the stale or unpleasant odors associated with some stains and dirt buildup. An Astrobrite serviced rug should not only look clean but it must smell fresh as well. 

Check with our friendly staff to learn more about the special Astrobrite Gold Service Package and Platinum Service Package. Since each rug is different and you may have some specific or extra requirements, we can cater our services to meet your expectations. Right now, we are offering a special offer for Chinese, Indian, Oriental and Persian rug cleaning orders. If you have three or more rugs which need to cleaned, you will get a 15 percent discount.

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Rug Cleaning Northern Virginia

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