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Mold Is A Hidden Danger After Water Damage

For flood water damage, the first thing to do is to stop the source to prevent further damage, then check the class of the water damage. Move the furniture, try to dry them, extract as much water as possible from the carpet, treat it with a disinfectant, prop up the carpet, and let air flow under the carpet to dry it. It is best to let the air flow get under the carpet with the use of fans to speed drying. It usually is recommended to call a professional flood water damage restoration service to assess the damage. Other parts of the house may have also been damaged, like the wood studs, insulation and dry wall.

Northern Virginia Flood Water Damage Restoration.

Heavy rain can be a nightmare for homeowners. We often see mold sprouting in dark damp basements. It is easy to find discolored walls and foundations. Drenched carpets are a perfect  breeding place for mildew. To clean it up, you must eliminate the original source. It could be a plumbing leak, sewer back up or water seepage in the basement through the foundation. Any of those things need to be fixed and then you need to clean up the effected area."

If you believe you have mold, there are some things you need to do to take action to protect yourself. Firstly, wear a mask so you protect your airways.  Secondly, wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands. Finally, make sure you expose the area allowing plenty of ventilation to the mold. We recommend wearing gloves and a good fungicidal cleaner or a general purpose cleaner like top jobs to scrub it off. If the mold is on drywall, you may need to cut that part of the wall out.

Before you try to clean up mold by yourself, you might want to seek an expert since some forms are dangerous to breathe in. Besides mold sprouting in storm damaged homes, many fore closured homes are being treated.


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Flood Water Damage Restoration in Northern Virginia

Our carpet restoration cleaners have the equipment and experience necessary to handle the most wet situations. We put a priority on water damage situations to prevent mold and mildew problems as well as structural damage to the home. Astrobrite is THE one-stop water damage treatment company who can respond to 24-hour emergency service.



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Northern Virginia Carpet Flood Restoration

Our office is equipped for quick response to flood water damage calls. Prompt action by certified and experienced restoration experts makes a difference in mitigating structural damage to property. We extract the carpet and padding as thoroughly as possible into our recovery tank. If necessary we will remove padding and tack strip. We then treat all contaminated areas with an Anti-microbial. This topical treatment will prevent mold and mildew from growing and retard any growth that may have already started.

We then leave commercial air-movers and commercial dehumidifiers to dry the affected area. Equipment should always be left running for a minimum of 3 days to ensure proper drying. Sometimes the carpet may feel dry in less than 3 days but the baseboards and drywall may still be retaining some moisture.

After this visit our office will contact you the following business day to schedule an appointment to re-install new padding and reinstall the carpet. We will also pick up the drying equipment and clean the affected areas that got wet during the flood water damage.  


Water damage: 7 home insurance scenarios


Watch what you say to your home insurance company

Be careful how you report damage to your insurance company. While you should be truthful, make sure you explain the situation using the most accurate language or you could find your claim denied.

"What you say initially can affect the outcome of your claim. Many people believe their house is flooded because it's full of water but it's not a 'flood' by the insurance definition," says Allan Sabel of Sabel Adjusters, a Bridgeport, Conn.-based adjusting firm.

This may seem like a minor distinction, but your insurer has a very narrow definition of a "flood," which is not covered by home insurance. To an insurance company, flooding means that the water came from an overflow of a lake, stream, river or other body of water. If it didn't, don't even say the word "flood," says Sabel. If your basement is filled with water due to a burst pipe, it's not a flood even if its depth is knee-high.

"You just have to be careful," Sabel says. "Know exactly what is in your policy, what's covered, what's not covered, and report your claim accurately."

Water damage is one of the most common reasons people make claims on their home insurance. Burst pipes, leaky appliances and flooded basements often lead people to discover the details of their home insurance policies.

water damage restoration va"Water damage and homeowners policies can be a volatile issue in many ways," says Don Griffin, vice president of personal lines at the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America, a trade group. "Generally, the damage caused by water will be covered, but whatever causes the damage say, a leaking dishwasher hose may not be."

Although insurance companies may pay to replace a carpet damaged by your dishwasher leak, you probably have to replace or repair the hose at your own cost. If a sudden, unforeseen problem such as a frozen pipe leads to water damage, your home insurance covers repairs to both the broken pipe and your home and furnishings.

Here are common water-damage scenarios and their insurance consequences.


Scenario No. 1: The temperature drops to 10 below zero, causing your water pipes to freeze and burst. Your floor is now covered in 6 inches of water.

Are you covered? Yes, you're covered for water damage from burst pipes, but most policies won't cover you if you've left the house unoccupied and without heat. If that's the case, your claim could be denied because you've failed to perform the necessary upkeep that would prevent the accident.


Scenario No. 2: Water leaks from your backyard pool, ruining your manicured lawn and flooding your basement

Are you covered? The damage to your basement and your personal property are covered, but not the damage to your lawn. According to a sample policy, "We do not cover land, including land on which the dwelling is located." However, your lawn is covered if it's damaged by certain "named perils." These include fire, explosion, riot, aircraft, vehicles not owned by you and vandalism. The amount of coverage for lawns and plants is small usually only up to $500. Swimming-pool leaks are not a named peril. But if your leak was caused by a tree falling on the pool, it would be covered.


Scenario No. 3: Your washing machine overflows, flooding the basement.

Are you covered? Yes. But it depends on your home insurance company view of the problem: Did you fail to maintain the washer properly or did sudden, accidental damage cause the flood?

"Most of the time, if an appliance breaks and water goes all over, insurance covers it. In the case of a washing machine, you might need to purchase replacement parts out of your own pocket because they were not maintained correctly, but the damage to your basement is covered," says Griffin.


Scenario No. 4: A sewer backs up, flooding your basement.

Are you covered? No. Standard home insurance policies don't cover sewer backups, and many specifically exclude damage from sewer back-ups. Special endorsements are available, at added cost, for sewers and drains.



Don't shoot yourself in the foot by reporting damage to your home insurance company that's not covered by your policy. Your damage report may still go on your insurance record and look like a claim when you shop for new insurance in the future. One five-minute call to your insurance company can dog you for seven years.

Scenario No. 5: Water seeps from the ground into your basement, damaging your foundation and interior.

Are you covered? No. Seepage is considered a maintenance problem, not "sudden and accidental" damage, and is excluded from home insurance coverage.


Scenario No. 6: During a heavy rainstorm, water leaks through your roof. The roof is damaged, as is furniture.

Are you covered? Somewhat. You're unlikely to be reimbursed for roof repairs because that's a house-maintenance issue. But the water damage to your home is covered. Damage to your furniture is also likely covered if you have a standard H0-3 home insurance policy, but not if you have a generic HO-1 policy (which many insurers don't even sell anymore).

If your neighbor's tree falls on your roof, the damage to your roof, home and belongings is covered. Your policy also reimburses you up to a certain amount, usually around $500, for the cost of removing the tree.


Scenario No. 7: A nearby lake or river overflows its banks, causing a flash flood in your living room.

Are you covered? No. Flood damage is not covered by home insurance. You must purchase flood insurance for that. You can purchase flood insurance as long as your community participates in the National Flood Insurance Program.



Repairing wet smelly mildew carpets and drywall. In Arlington, Alexandria, Ashburn, Burke, Centreville, Centerville, Clifton, Fairfax, Great Falls, Herndon, McLean, Reston, Springfield, Sterling, Tysons Corner, Vienna, Loudoun County, Fairfax, Prince William areas we will work with homeowners and their insurance. Get a free estimate assessment for residential or commercial restorative work. Damaged furniture restoration and cleaning serving Northern Virginia. Talk to the experts on how allergy problems can be exacerbated by mold and mildew. Northern Virginia Flood Restoration, Water Damage Removal,  Water Flood Restoration Northern Virginia

If you need carpet flood water damage repair in Northern Virginia call our 24 hour emergency flood clean up repair and restoration service today for dry out extraction in your basement or other part of your home. The faster you respond the faster we can dry it out with our drying equipment. We will do an emergency extraction to start the mitigation services. We have carpet fans, dehumidifiers, moisture meters, moisture detectors that we use to measure and dry the floors, carpet, padding and drywall to prevent mold or mildew from growing.



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