This part of our our and this is pretty impressive well I am impressed by this because it is the best-selling deep cleaner of all time from the Bissell line you imagine that the number one best-selling deep cleaner they offer and I’m super psyched to have this tonight because quite frankly there is nothing better than having a really clean carpets and rugs and upholstery. But, you know what we don’t want too big out to bring out the big old units and quite frankly we don’t want to have to fight or rent a unit that is just disgusting so we solved it with bid so right here and do you notice the price today so we have a compact size and it’s going to give you the same cleaning power as they’re really big highly expensive ones and this is their number one bestseller for the first time tonight we’re launching it here so we have flex pay on it.

Yes, we love that and we have free shipping and of course we love that Jeni bond hi ru I am so impressed that we have their number I think we’ve ever had we got a lot of great business it’s taking years to get this that’s why it’s such a big deal that we’re launching it today. I want to show you why if you’re like me my kids went back to school and Monday and the houses are a mess but watch what you can do with the turbo clean one question watch what you can do all to your carpets in your rugs in your runners and it doesn’t matter.
Hi Kyle., the dirt coming out as I move forward and actually it looks pretty darn clean isn’t that funny really clean now wait to see this look at all that dirt coming out and watch when I come back you know I would have never thought honestly that last one was dirty or any of them for that matter it’s like it’s like clean sheets on your bed yeah look just one quick pass just come and look at this if you are sick and tired of renting a machine or having that professional come in look at the different colors and I promise you this new formula smells so great but you’re able to pull it out of the high pile the low pile and get that gorgeous clean line from room to room

Now the magic of this because they’re not cutting corners this is a complete upright system you’re gonna get the two tanks let me show you this okay over 64 ounces here what I love about this do you see how easy this is it was super easy now watch you got a little hole right here and it says empty here it couldn’t be easier and this is all you have to do when you’re putting it together you put in the handle that’s adjustable so I love this for the very first time there’s a deep cleaner that has an adjustable handle so a it’s easier.

When you want to go ahead and use it but when I’m putting it away it takes up no space whatsoever so here you go that’s locked into place back here exactly even for this price point you’re getting two tanks now I love this because we always talk about saving a dollar I want you to watch this because you get the formula as well you’re gonna fill it all the way up to this line underneath your sink without water that’s all the formula you have to add and so go ahead and pick up the pet mess you still have your formula and here’s the greatest part of all you ready for this twelve yes how heavy is your current carpet cleaner at home is it’s so heavy you wouldn’t dare even take it upstairs to do the carpeting in the hallway or the bedrooms now you can only twelve pounds and that’s what shocked me because I thought 12 pounds it’s not gonna have the power of the much more expensive Bissell’s but it does right yes and it really does because finally a lot of us don’t need those bulky uprights that you can’t push around that are difficult and you don’t want to rent that machine and you don’t want to hire professional.

So what happens when this okay cuz I’m gonna show you the power of this let’s go and make some really big messes here in the carpet we’ve got some soda we’re gonna go ahead and add a little bit of milk just think of all the messes that are down that it could happen maybe you broke a pipe let’s add some chocolate milk here let’s add a little bit we got some orange soda will add some sport drink but guess what if you have pet Nestle’s cuz let’s not forget this is the pet version and what I love about this the pet version is always the highest end for Bissell so you’re getting that here as well but of course you don’t have to be a pet owner to get it let’s add a little more of this and just at the end let’s add a little bit of some strawberry you just brought it this is it because that’s what happens stuff spills in the carpet what are you gonna do.

How about this one push of a button oh my there’s such satisfactions in that stuff it’s really been junky thick it’s great that really surprises me for a 12-pound machine it really is good we show the worst step if you’ve got chocolate milk regular milk if you don’t pull that stuff out of your carpet guys look at that you’re getting that edge to edge clean and when the worst of the worst mess is when you’re done I’m not blotting it I don’t have to touch it you simply take your tank out just like this and you just empty it and you just keep on going it’s that easy that’s great okay now this is important to understand this is turbo clean power brush pet now that when when Bissell puts in the word pet that’s a big deal because that means super deep cleaning you might not know that isn’t that interesting little fact but they don’t put pet into everything so when you see pet you’re getting their deepest cleaning that they can do and there is a little pet puddle right there and I love this because it’s really a hybrid you can do the serious deep cleaning your carpets your rugs just like a professional service would do.

How often do you say well I just need to get a little spot and and maybe you’ve had a not so powerful portable one this is the sweet spot gang you’re getting it all in one and under $100 then we have four flex on this tonight and we’ve included free shipping so it’s a perfect time to finally get that really good deep carpet cleaner you’ve wanted without the weight and without the big price tag and this little F to show you’re still getting that patented Bissell dirt lifting power brushes Jason serious onions I figure thousands of rotations per minute they’re gonna scrub and irritate your carpets and that’s pulling out all the dirt and the hair that really make it look worn and torn plus you’re working with the patented Bissell formula scrubbing it but then it’s this extraction bar right here that you’re pulling out all of that formula and you’re pulling out all of that dirt so it’s not messy but it’s still 11 pounds.

I’m gonna show you so here we go that’s zero wash we’re gonna do we just set it up right here you ready okay mile up and lock my hand Oh see it’s adjustable and here we go you can see right here you have a deep clean that you can do on your stairs that you can go all over and it’s just 11 pounds that’s all you have to do that’s awesome it’s so fast and easy but it allows you to tackle all of the things that you want to in your home and if it wasn’t a pet version you know we wouldn’t have to do this because little see you guys wanting something else – yeah also the big versions are big they just light up a lot of space yeah they’re big they’re clumping they’re awkward they’re tough to work with I think now you’ve got that perfect answer and you know why it was last time you get a service come in how much they asked you you got that great little Groupon or coupon you said oh it’s only gonna be $100 for 10 rooms and by the time they walk out it’s $500 later and you’re still not sure why exactly but why pay that over and over again also what was last time you had your rugs and carpets cleaned like really think about it and why didn’t you clean them a couple times a year because you didn’t want to spend the money on it over and over again.

What you do is you buy this once you have great Bissell name that’s not like a question mark company right and you can clean your carpets whenever you want it’s on call exactly and Bissell has been around since 1876 and they finally are bringing us a great deep cleaner that’s easy and it weighs 12 pounds and this is how it works for me my dogs I always talk about it look down here the pet messes what do you do you get a paper towel you blot it the stain goes into the carpet then you get the stink and the smell that people come out and they’re like oh you’ve got dogs right I’m like yeah watch what you do with one push of the button you see these puppy paw prints this is how it could be to clean up now we just look at that’s plenty.

Let me show you here I want you guys to look at my finger real quick okay all you do so you can see it the brush is going now are getting that suction I do this here this trigger puts the formula so now we’ll put it together you can see it down roll gotcha so you’re scrubbing and you’re getting that powerful suction at the same time and that pretty deep pile carpet action exactly but it pushes so easy get the extra large wheels too shoe prints okay again mud rain water that’s really bad for our carpets what you can do here fast I love the freedom you’re gonna have and you don’t have to hire anyone to come and do this for you and you’re not gonna let that spill or that same get into your carpet and then watch over here let me get this table look at the low profile is the deep clean oxy how do we do with the existing pet smell say a puppy had an ax look here we go right now because I’m gonna have you actually does smell great it has scientists that make their own formula.

If you read this this actually says that it’s permanently and instantly gonna remove spots and stains and smells from your carpets that’s huge so it’s not matte it smells great it’s not masking it’s not masking again because you are dealing with the Bissell okay I mean they really are the leaders when it comes to clean your scrubbing your cleaning plus you’re getting that powerful suction to pull out the stains and the snows but because even if you have a smoker or you have gone like a lot of fish yep that gets into your carpet and has those smells deep cleaning about it okay let’s say you go into a cigar bar maybe you don’t but okay my husband does and every time I walk out I go oh my hair so my clothes stink so bad right and then I really have to wash my clothes to get the smell out.

Think about the amount of fabric in your home yep just from your carpets and your rugs just those alone and think about how they retain smell oh yeah give your clothes retain smell for a couple minutes near in a cigar bar imagine what’s stuck in your car exactly because if you’re just vacuuming you’re not pulling out the dirt and grime now I talked about the kids going back to school just look at the carpets and the rugs in their room and I want you to look at this one pass because it doesn’t look that dirty this is a lot of what happens in our car on the way back just blot out the stain I will mention we’ve got this one on the stair steps and I think because it’s only 12 pounds yes you can do your stairs which is great but for your upholstery things like that this is not built for them.

There are other things that you would want to do for that this is to really get you to go and get all those carpets the rugs and the runners the fast and easiest way and you can store it which I love with the adjustable handle for me I’m only five five this is great because a I can adjust it for the height to clean but so many of us are downsizing so now this is how you can store it and put it into that closet or that storage area but your formula is always going to be right back here in your container so you can get to it whenever you want that’s great it’s on call it’s ready I mean imagine if you had a professional carpet cleaning service that would come to your house any time of the day any time a night any time.

You had a stain a spill or you really wanted to deep clean your rugs and carpets on call like any one cost you nothing more than the original nineteen paid him once a hundred dollars how awesome would that be well this is exactly what it is stop spending the money having a service come in right before the holidays does the house needs to look good or after winter because the house looks really bad you just buy this tonight use our flex pay with the free shipping and you’re getting the number one best-selling deep cleaner not just a carpet cleaner a deep cleaner in the entire missile whistles that we have tried so hard to finally get it yeah we’re really excited about that too or like yes it’s finally here well Jenny thanks so much for joining us tonight and please stay right there good and you’d like to learn more all right so I’m gonna

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