Dan offers you 5 fast and very easy means to obtain the phone buzzing for your carpet cleaning service. He covers some foundational as well as easy concepts, and also a few products specific to marketing to your existing customers as well as motivating reference organization.

Carpet Cleaning VA Quick Tips Marketing To Get Your Phone to Ring

Good morning and thank you so much for watching. If you haven’t done so yet, I would like you to please consider
subscribing to our channel. For those that don’t know my name it is Dan Moody and this morning, I’m talking about carpet
cleaning jump-start five quick ways to get your phone to ring. The first way might be kind of obvious and maybe
you’ve already done this but if you haven’t done this yet please go right now and invest some money into some
business cards.

These are still a very real thing especially in our industry this is a very simple card that has our logo, our name, my name, and then my phone number and we also have some employees that work with us now and so we have also printed out cards that have their name but our phone number. We would encourage them to hand those out everywhere they go but particularly when they’re done doing a job hand them a couple of cards so that if they’re satisfied with the job that we just did. They can tell their friends, their family, and their neighbors. That’s a very easy way for your clients to start referring you out. Business cards are number one and make sure that they match your specific marketing. Ours is green and blue because those are our colors. They’ve got our logo and they kind of all everything I’m going to be talking about today matches.

Next is refrigerator magnets – it is so much more affordable to market your company to your existing client base so once you
get a customer leaving them a refrigerator magnet with your name your phone number your company name and maybe some other services that they didn’t get done today but they may get done in the future is a very powerful way to stay in front of your clients. There’s a lot of customers that forget who was the last carpet cleaner that came in and did a great job. They would like to use the
same company but they forgot who it was. With a simple refrigerator magnet, that I think costs 16 cents, you’re able to stay at the forefront and the top of the mind of your clients so another very affordable way to get your phone to ring is a refrigerator magnet.

VA carpet cleaning quick tipsNext, we’re going to be talking about the thank-you card. This is a simple blank thank-you card. You can buy these pretty much anywhere. They’re very very affordable and as soon as you get done doing a job I would recommend filling this out with a very simple . . . thank you so much for the opportunity to clean your carpet today. We very much appreciate you and your business. sincerely Angela” or who you know whatever it is. Then get that in the mail immediately! A very very affordable way to make a huge impact on the clients that you do get. It’s really hard to talk about how to get new clients when you’re not taking really good care of the ones you already have even if it’s only a handful.

Next, I’m going to talk about the door hanger this is one of the most powerful and effective ways especially for businesses in our industry. To get the phone to ring, walk around neighborhoods that will allow this, and put as many of these up as you can on your next slow day. These door hangers are real simple. They talk about how much you charge per room. But, the one I would recommend for you just starting is “a special” or a “two or three-room special.” Write about, you know, the entry-level price two rooms for only $95.00 or two rooms for only $85 whatever that special is going to be if you want it to be a low entry point.

And again maybe it just says, “basic carpet cleaning quick tips” so that when you get in the home and identify the fact that they have red spots or pet spots or some other issues that you’ll need to tackle. You can talk about how much those services cost as well but for the basic cleaning. That’s how you get your phone to ring is you advertise on a door hanger a basic cleaning price. Again, two or three rooms, whatever your minimum service charge. if you don’t yet have a minimum service charge I would highly recommend establishing that immediately. Whatever you do, don’t make an exception. Have that be a rule no matter what. If someone’s not willing to pay your minimum service charge they probably aren’t your ideal client.

Door hangers – you want a picture of you or your fan families. It’s probably better than just me the company name. It is pretty obvious your website and your phone number make it legit. Or, if you don’t yet have a website don’t put that on there. That’s not necessarily required. This is grassroots marketing that anyone can do right out the gate. On the back, you may have noticed we have a description. It just says “about us” and it’s a little description of our company. Even if you’re just getting started, you don’t put that on there. But that even if you’re just getting started you’re gonna want to list some things about you. Maybe you’re a family-owned or maybe you’re a small business.

These are things people love to support. Put it on there if you’re a veteran. By putting that on there it will give them some compelling reasons to trust why it is they should do business with you instead of the cleaner down the street they used last time. But, again, this is a little bit more advanced that maybe not for the brand new cleaner. However, as soon as you guys start to generate more revenue utilizing some of these other marketing opportunities, take some of that capital and roll it back in and reinvest it into spotter bottles.

Carpet Cleaning VA Quick Tips Marketing To Get Your Phone to Ring

This is one of the most powerful ways we’ve been able to market our company it’s a very relevant leave behind we’re gonna upload an additional video of my family making these in our kitchen and give you guys a little bit more information about them but basically this is a spotter bottle so when you get done cleaning the carpets this is a gift you can give your client. It costs around a dollar 30 to provide them with an 8-ounce bottle of spotter with your name your logo your phone number and again this is a very powerful way to stay top of mind. In addition to that, this activates the law of reciprocity as soon as you give this away to your client with, I would recommend your business cards and a magnet. Now you’re able to ask them to leave you a review on Google and you’re able to ask them for that referral. Even if they don’t do it right away – three days later when they get your thank-you card in the mail, and I would recommend not asking anything on it, just have this be simply thank you and that’s it. But, when they get this in the mail they’re a lot more likely and probably feel a lot more compelled to go ahead and review your the company on Google. Door hangers, magnets, business cards, spotter bottles are the best and most effective way to get your phone to ring. Just talk to people, be yourself, smile, and go out there and meet people. Ask people what they do for a living. Build a relationship. Build a rapport by simply doing this and they will become interested in you and what you do.

And even if they don’t ask you at the end of the conversation, hand them a card and instead of saying “in case you need your carpet cleaned,” try selling through them and not to them. Hand them a card and say, “this is in case you know someone who may need a professional carpet cleaner.” Thank you guys so much for watching. If any of this information is relevant, please consider subscribing to our Channel and don’t forget to click the bell so that you’re informed every time we upload a new video to help you guys out. Also, if this video was helpful please like and leave a comment below. If you’d like to see more videos like this or you have another idea of some way we can help you please put it in the comments below. Thanks again for watching, I appreciate your support have a great day, and good luck building your carpet cleaning company.

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