get pet odor out of your carpetGet Pet Odors Out of Your Carpets

Most of the time our animal canine and feline family members are allowed to hang around on the sofa, the bed and anywhere they please. Because of this, you may notice the bad odor of your family pet remains in your home. This is not surprising. This could either be the all-natural fragrance of your pet dog or any kind of odor he or she picks up from outdoors and brings along with him when he comes inside the residence.

Life With Pet Odor Is Not Easy

Based on animal owner experiences, pet odor does not come out conveniently without a struggle. You may be thinking “How do I get pet odor out of the rug?” You could get any type of dirt or hair out of your rug however the odor is a much more stubborn problem.

If your entire carpeting smells like your dog and you desire to freshen it up, spray baking soda and white vinegar all over and leave it overnight. The following day, simply vacuum it all off and you will surprisingly discover no trace of canine odor on your rug at all. It functions by taking in all odors as well as leaving the rug smelling clean and fresh.

It Is A Cheap Method

Think of it as an efficient expert rug cleaner that just bills you a couple of dimes each time. It allows your dog to be a dog and also allows baking soda to take care of your pet’s odor issue. You will no longer ask how to get dog odors out of the rugs!

You May Need A Professional

However, if your pet odor arises (pun intended) from urine or feces you probably are in need of a professional odor removal professional. Over-the-counter remedies and store enzymes just are not strong enough for biological pet waste odors. After years of experience, there is a 100 percent elimination solution for urine odors as well as feces odors. It is a natural oxygenating process.

100% Pet Odor Removal

First, the technician uses a black light to illuminate the urine. Second, the oxygenating solution is poured onto urinated areas. Finally, 20 minutes later the urinated areas are extracted with a flood extraction tool connected by hoses to a very powerful truck mount that vacuum extracts the areas that were treated. This method is 100% guaranteed, unlike the enzyme treatment many carpet cleaners used 6-8 years ago. However, some less qualified companies may still use the old system of enzymes. Please see our pet odor removal page for more detailed information.

However, there are times when it is not cost-effective to treat the rug. If the technician tells you all your carpeting is 25-50 percent affected by pet urine, you may want to just buy a new carpet and have it installed. This will cost more but is worth the upgrade to your home. Also, the floors under the carpet could be affected as well. The floors should be cleaned and sealed before the new padding and carpeting are installed.



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