Dogs are such ideal pets that most people treat them almost like family. More often than not, pet dogs are allowed to hang around on the couch, the bed, and just about anywhere they please. But the most common place for them to stretch out is on the carpet. Because of this, having the smell of your pet linger in a home is not far from impossible. This can either be the natural scent of your dog, the smell of urine or feces, or any smell he picks up outside and brings along with him when he gets inside the house. It can be quite irritating if you let it be so it is important to get rid of it immediately.

Just thinking about the pet odor makes one dread the cleaning and disinfecting activities that needs to follow. But based on pet owner experiences, such smell does not give up a fight that easily. You may get any stain or fur out of your carpet but the smell is a tougher enemy. Sure, there are several store-bought products that promise to clean and remove the odor at the same time, but if your pet is home all the time and the odor will definitely be there again, it can be quite a hurtful financial decision to buy such products.

Fortunately, there is one item you can easily buy at the supermarket, if you don’t already have it at home, that can take out dog odors effectively. The wonder powder, baking soda, has always been an efficient remedy for most stain and odor dilemmas. It works by absorbing all odor and leaving the carpet smelling fresh and clean. For urine or poo spots, you have to first get as much moisture out as possible. Put some paper towels on top of the wet area on your carpet and take it out as soon as it gets soaked. Keep doing this until the towel barely gets wet anymore. Now, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on top of it and leave it for several hours. It is highly recommended to do this at night so you get to maximize the effect by leaving it overnight. Also, so members of the family do not have to deal with the inconvenience of having to avoid one area of the carpet. The next morning, you may vacuum all the powder out. If your whole carpet smells like your dog and you want to freshen it up, sprinkle baking soda all over and leave overnight. The next day, just vacuum it all off and you will find no trace of dog smell on your carpet at all.

Because of the efficiency of baking soda, pet owners need not worry about having to find high maintenance strategies just to keep their home clean and odor-free. Not only is it easy to find and purchase, it is also very inexpensive. Think of it as an effective professional carpet cleaner that only charges you a few pennies each time. So, let your dogs be dogs and let baking soda take care of your dog smell dilemma.

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