Today we are becoming aware of how the different products we use affect us and the environment. The term “Green” has become a popular phrase not only to help the environment but to help our own well being by making sure the products we use are safe.

One important area that some overlook in order to go green is when to have your carpet cleaned and how it can affect your health. Having your carpet cleaned is an important upkeep to your home, even more so when you have allergies, children or pets, and to choose the right method of carpet cleaning is crucial.

Most of us don’t realize that traditional carpet cleaners use many chemicals. These chemicals give off fumes into the air and stay embedded to your carpet, even after they are dry. If you have children or pets that crawl on your rugs, they are exposed to these chemicals most every time. Using a carpet cleaning service that uses natural organic cleaning will solve this concern.

There are many benefits from organic carpet cleaning Virginia other than the use of non-toxic chemicals. When you have your carpets steam cleaned you deal with a long drying process from 24 to 48 hours. This is a great inconvenience to your busy household. Also, steam cleaning can produce a soapy residue that is left in your carpets and will lead to stains reappearing on your carpet.

Organic cleaning can eliminate the chemicals and soap and your dry time is reduced to 2 to 3 hours of a window, so you can get back to life as normal in your home. Because of the quick dry time of organic cleaning you also eliminate the concerns of mold in your carpet.

Steam cleaning can saturate your carpet pad and if it does not dry fast it can cause mold. When you need your carpets cleaned, consider calling an organic non-toxic carpet cleaning company. You can do your part for our environment by reducing the number of chemicals used. It is also safe for you, kid safe and pet safe. Your carpets will stay cleaner for a lot longer and you will receive greater results than with steam cleaning.

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