Hey guys. Welcome back to my panel. Today. I wanted to share with you a video on how I clean my couch and other upholstery in my house.

So this stuff I had been in storage for quite some time and it had developed kind of a musky smell. That’s why I wanted to focus on getting rid of it today when I was cleaning it. So I first took some of this baking soda and distributed it across my sofa using a metal sifter. I think this really helps evenly disperse the baking soda onto the furniture. I let this sit either for an hour or two just to absorb some of the odors and then I vacuum it up. When I’m back I’m making sure I get deep down into any of the nooks and crannies of the couch.

Next, I’m going to take some Pine Sol and dilute it with a little bit of water. I use about a fourth of a cup of Pine Sol to about a quart of water and then I take a microfiber cloth and begin scrubbing my furniture. I know this seems like a high concentration of Pine Sol to water, however this has really worked for me in getting out deep ingrained scents. I also really like using a microfiber cloth because they can cover a large surface area. It also gives me enough abrasion to get out any stains or built up dirt without ruining the furniture.

You could take off the seat cushions and wash them in the washing machine. However I prefer to just use the same method as I did for the rest of the stuff. Once you have finished scrubbing down the entire sofa allow it to sit and dry for about three to four hours. Once the Sofa has dried. I like to take some dryer sheets like these Mrs. Meyers honeysuckle scented dryer sheets and place them inside the seat cushion. Another idea is to take some fabric softener boosters and place them inside a paper envelope. Seal them up and stick them into your sofa. You’ll get a nice clean fresh fragrance every time you sit down on your sofa.

All right, so those are all my tips and tricks for cleaning and making your house and sofa smell better. Let me know some of your tips and tricks down in the comments below and I will see you guys next time. Bye!
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