How To Clean Oriental Rugs In Virginia

How To Clean Oriental Rugs In VirginiaYou have to be very cautious when it comes to taking care of wool and oriental rugs. As beautiful and detailed as they are, it can be easy to harm them when trying to clean them. There is a smart way for you to clean off one of these fine rugs in your home without risking any damage to it.

The first thing you should do is vacuum the rug. You should be very gentle with it and avoid dragging the vacuum around.

You will have to vacuum both sides of the rug. It is best to use a protective surface on the floor to place the rug on so you will not end up spreading lots of dirt onto either surface of the rug. Try and use a slotted surface as well so it can allow dirt to go through so you can sweep it up when you are done.

Next, you have to prepare an appropriate cleaning solution to help you out with getting it all washed up the right way. A mild liquid soap is ideal for cleaning the rug. This should be mixed with cool water to create a good material to wash it off with.

How To Clean Oriental Rugs In Virginia

Make sure you avoid using ammonia or anything strong. Such strong materials can damage the appearance of a rug.

It helps to soak the rug in a pool of water and mild soap. It should be shallow but still enough to ensure that the rug can be properly covered.

The water and soap mixture has to be brushed onto the rug. The rug can then be scrubbed properly with a broom to help get the dirt and other items on the inside out. This in turn should make it easier for the surface to be treated.

How To Clean Oriental Rugs In Virginia

After this, you can remove it from the pool and then of water and soap use a long-handle ‘squeegee’ wiper to smoothly remove some of the water from the top of the rug. You will have to go over it a few times on each part to ensure that the water and soap is properly cleared out.

After this, you can use a moisture-removing vacuum to pull any additional excess water from the carpet. Make sure you are gentle when working with and don’t go too fast when trying to clean it off.

When done properly, it should be easier for you to keep your fine wool or oriental rug cleaned off properly. This in turn ensures that you will keep your surface comfortable and easy to maintain.

Be sure you work slowly and carefully when cleaning fine wool and oriental rugs, that way you will avoid making costly mistakes that may be hard to rectify.

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