Pet Stains and Odors in Fairfax VA

Get old dried stains and ground in dirt out of your carpet with AKC GOLD Carpet Cleaning Concentrate. The carpet concentrate is perfect for cleaning up after your dog in large areas. It’s simple and safe to use in all carpet cleaning machines. The formula dries quickly and requires no rinsing.

I’ve shown you how to clean up pet stains, get rid of pet odors in your house but, let’s say you have a large area room and entire floor where there have been pet accidents may be sitting
around a lot longer than you want to admit. How are you gonna get rid of those? Well, I’m gonna show you how to get rid of them. There’s a great product on the market. It’s American Kennel
Club gold pet stain and odor carpet cleaning concentrate.

Pet Stains and Odors in Fairfax VA

Now there’s a couple of things that are really important. First of all, it dries quickly and you don’t even have to rinse but listen carefully. What you do is, whatever carpet cleaning machine you have,
you take the American Kennel Club Gold carpet cleaning concentrate, you pour it in and you then add some water. Now the amount of what do you add, the number of dishes, it all depends on the
machine that you have.

But, I got to tell you, once you’ve added this and you’ve cleaned up that room you’re gonna find that even if stains have been there for a long time and even if odors have been there for a long time it’s
gonna make all the difference in the world. So, perhaps you bought a new house and the people there had a dog before you or because you had an older dog that became incontinent as it got older you
still loved until that final day. It depends on whatever cleaning unit you’re going to use and you’re gonna find out that once you’ve used it once you’ve cleaned your house it’s gonna be like wow brand-new
carpeting a brand new house no odor no stains a whole new place to start with that new puppy.

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