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Astrobrite’s Animal Odor Removal Arlington VA is the leading urine stain & odor remover and is a guaranteed all-in-one oxidizer product that will permanently remove and clean urine stains and urine odors from carpets, fabric, wood floors, cement, tiles, porcelain, mattresses, and other surfaces.

Astrobrite’s Oxidizer Cat Odor Removal VA will clean and remove ALL urine odors and urine stains whether dog urine, cat urine, other pet urine, human urine, and household accidents.

Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Alex and today I’d like to share with you some information about how Astrobrite’s Oxidizer Pet Odor Remover in Fairfax VA actually works.

Urine stains and odors. I know, not the most pleasant of topics but something we deal with on a daily basis. Whether you’re a pet owner, toilet training a toddler, working in health


or removing urine from surfaces and fabrics.

care, carpet cleaning or the transportation industry, urine stains, and odors can become unhygienic, foul-smelling problems, if left untreated.

To understand urine’s potency and why it can be so difficult to clean up, you need to understand that urine contains non-soluble uric acid crystals, which present the biggest challenge t

Astrobrite’s Oxidizer Pet Smell Elimination – These crystals embed themselves into any surface and are resistant to even the toughest general cleaning products. It is these crystals that are left behind that retain the stain and the lingering urine smell.

Unlike general cleaners, Astrobrite’s Oxidizer Pet Odor Remover has a unique oxidizing formula that digests these urine deposits, including the uric acid crystals, eliminating both the urine stain AND the urine odor for odor removal arlington va

Astrobrite’s Oxidizer Pet Odor Removal Virginia will clean and remove ALL urine odors and stains whether it be a dog, cat or other animal urine as well as human urine for those occasional accidents.

Astrobrite’s Oxidizer will permanently remove urine from almost all soft surfaces, such as carpets, fabrics, and mattresses, as well as hard surfaces including timber, ceramic, marble and concrete. It is also highly effective with removing urine from synthetic grass and outside areas.

Astrobrite’s Oxidizer Pet Smell Eliminator Northern VA is water-based so it will do no more damage to surfaces, such as wood, carpets or upholstery than water would. It contains no harsh or hazardous ingredients, is biodegradable and environmentally friendly and is perfectly safe to use around humans and animals.

For more information about our services, directions on how to use and where you can request Astrobrite’s Oxidizer Pet Odor Removal service please head to our website, Astrobrite Odor Removal VA where you will find our online shop or your closest retailer. Your carpet, hard floors, upholstery and mattress odors can be eliminated by using Astrobrite Pet Odor Removal service in Northern VA.

Astrobrite’s Oxidizer Dog Stench Eliminator – The only urine odor and stain remover you’ll ever need!

The Astrobrite Oxidizer Process

First, we use a black light to find and mark all of the urine in the carpet. If we miss just one area the homeowner may call us back, so it is much better being thorough in our inspection.

Then, we pour our oxidizer and water mixture into each area of urine. We let it sit for 15 minutes as it goes through to the padding. After fifteen minutes the chemistry has changed the urine salts to the water. Finally, we extract the oxidized areas with a flood extraction tool connected to our extractor. It will take a good day to dry completely.

After Oxidization

After we have eliminated all pet odors with the oxidizer process it is time to clean the carpet. The first step in this process is vacuuming. If we don’t get out of the dry soil first we waste cleaner and we will make more work for ourselves at the end. Next, we clean the carpet. The two main methods of carpet cleaning are steam extraction or encapping also known as dry cleaning.

Both processes work well, however, if the carpet cleaner professional already has hoses in the house to extract the oxidizer, it is much easier to leave them for the steam extraction cleaning. Although, if you are looking for the fastest dry times with little to no chance of stains wicking up later the encapping or dry cleaning process of carpet cleaning may be your best solution. (Pun intended.)

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