Ok, we are back and we are proceeding to the next stain on the carpet fiber material which will be hair dye. Now hair dye needs to get removed as soon as possible. The primary thing you want to do as quickly as you spill it on the carpet fibers is to blot it with a clean white dry cloth to take off the excess material that’s lingering in the tips of the fibers.

Now, once you do that you want to mix a solution of one cup of water, just lukewarm water. You want to mix that with a one-quarter tablespoon, a teaspoon of mild liquid soap. And then you need to take your cloth and take that solution and you should blot the area working from outside in. And then you want to flood the area with a little bit of water. And blot again.

Now you want to make a solution of one part vinegar to two parts lukewarm water. Then afterward you want to take your cloth and you want to, you want to blot the area of the hair dye outside in once more. And then finally you want to flood the area with water one more time. And then blot the area dry. And that will pull the remainder of the hair dye out of the carpet material.

Cleaning hair dye from carpet involves blotting it up as soon as the stain occurs, applying a water and detergent mixture, flooding the stain with water and then applying a vinegar and water mixture. Blot up a hair dye stain, rinsing between each application, with tips from a contractor’s assistant in this free video on carpet cleaning.

Worth a Try Out on Fabric

If you can’t launder the hair-dye stain immediately, grab the hairspray and saturate the fabric. The alcohol in the hairspray helps loosen the stain. As quickly as you can, soak and then launder the stain.

Worth a Try Out Carpet or Upholstery

If the hair-dye stain doesn’t completely disappear on carpet or upholstery, use an eye dropper to apply hydrogen peroxide. (Test the hydrogen peroxide in a hidden spot for safety first.) Let dry for 24 hours, and after that repeat, if necessary. If this treatment removes the original color of the carpet or upholstery together with the stain, try using a felt-tip fabric marking pen (readily available in craft stores ) as close as possible to the authentic color to fix the stained area. Check the ink color on a clean white cloth before applying it to your carpet or furniture.

Expert: Master Cleaner Tom Klenner
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