Routine Mattress Cleaning in Virginia

Routine Mattress Cleaning in VA

What’s lurking in your bed?

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Mattress Cleaning VA – You would not believe that the weight of a new mattress will increase 16-25% from the growth of allergens including live, disgusting, house dust mites, their molted exo-skeletons, dead and decaying dust mites, and most harmful of all, the guanine found in the FECES of these constantly defecating, members of the arachnid family (like spiders, ticks and scorpions).

Studies have shown that without mattress cleaning an older mattress can really DOUBLE IN WEIGHT from the time of purchase without legitimate cleaning.

Likewise found in each bed is an abundance of extra allergens including dust, spores, shape, buildup, microorganisms and infections, all of which, especially the house dust mite, thrive in the micro-habitat of mattresses. The minor measure of dampness when we breathe out, the perspiration we deliver, the warmth of our bodies under the covers, the 50 million skin chips we shed day by day, give all the dampness and all the food these micro-life forms need to survive and flourish. Dust mites devour shed human skin cells, their own molts, dead dust mites, and they even eat and regurgitate their own feces, while constantly producing twenty or so, guanine laden fecal pellets per day.That’s 2,000,000 dust mites, times 20 fecal pellets per day equaling 40,000,000 new fecal pellets EACH DAY IN YOUR MATTRESS!

What’s more, regardless of whether you experience the ill effects of any related medicinal condition, it’s so great to rest in a truly spotless, sterile bed, which is the reason a portion of the best inns in the nation utilize our sleeping cushion cleaning and why people from all kinds of different backgrounds are calling in Astrobrite Mattress Cleaning VA, so they can sleep well too!

See our mattress cleaning process.

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