Carpet Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Carpet Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How often do you all recommend getting my carpets cleaned?
We recommend cleaning at least every 6 months unless you have pets, children, or smokers. If you have any of these in your home we recommend cleaning every 3 months.

Carpet Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Carpet Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Will my carpets get dirty faster after you all clean them?
No, because we don’t use soapy detergents. We use an all-natural citrus encapsulant. 80% of the encapsulant is removed with our process. The other 20% will be removed when the carpets are vacuumed after drying.

What is the method your company will use to clean my carpets?
We use low-moisture encapsulation except in cases of urine, feces, vomit, high dirt build-up, or if a client makes a specific request, in which case we use steam cleaning.

Will your company guarantee to remove all spots and stains from my carpet?
Nobody can guarantee the removal of all stains as there are chemicals that can permanently discolor the carpet fibers.

What should I do if the spots come back?
Wick-up can make deep stains that were at the bottom of the carpet, like a spilt soda, wick back up. If this happens within 30 days call us and we will return to remove it for free.

How Long Does It Take To Dry?
The carpets usually take one and a half hours to dry. However, on days with high humidity, some basements with low airflow, or in special cases we must steam clean, it will take longer to dry.

Do you all move furniture?
We move basic furniture like sofas, tables, etc. However, we can not move anything made of glass, glass or electronics on top of it. We can not move queen or king-size beds connected to a headboard or without rolling wheels. Any furniture that you want moved must be empty for example: bookcases, chest of drawers

How much do you charge to clean carpets? We charge by the square foot not the room as room sizes differ. We have 3 packages to choose from which you can read about here.

Carpet Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions FAQ 

Is your cleaning safe for babies, pets, seniors, allergy sufferers, immune-compromised?
Yes, we use all-natural eco-friendly cleaners. We use alternate cleaners based on allergies on a need-to basis. Please inform us if there are any allergy problems with anyone living in the home.

Do you take care of pet odors and stains?
Yes, we use oxidizers to remove pet stains and odors. However, pet odor treatment is an extra service that is not included in the price of carpet cleaning.

How long does it take to clean the carpets?
We find most jobs can be completed within an hour to an hour and a half except for large homes, very high dirt build-up, or accompanied with a lot of pet odor and or stain removal.

Should I vacuum before the cleaning?

That would help speed up the process. However, we can vacuum if you can not. In cases of moving out, we have had to ask the renter/owner to please pick up or sweep the larger debris so that we can vacuum.

What should I do to prepare for the carpet cleaning?
Please remove breakables, glass, or electronics from any furniture that you would like moved. Vacuuming will help speed up the process but if you prefer, we can vacuum. Please do not pre-treat the spots before we come. Many times those spotters can create so much residue it will not all rinse out causing a permanent sticky area that will reattract a worse stain.

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