Oriental Rug Cleaning in Virginia

Oriental Rug Cleaning in Virginia

You have to be extremely careful when it comes to oriental rug cleaning. You need experience to wash an oriental rug without damaging the fibers or letting the dyes run into lighter fibers. It is best to utilize a clean flat surface area on the flooring to put the carpet on so you will pull the finish up and spread dust into either surface area of the carpet.

The first step in Oriental Rug Cleaning in Virginia is to do a colorfast test on the rug to determine if the colors will migrate. This is also referred to as bleeding. If it bleeds slightly we can use a dye lock. Unfortunately there are some rugs that bleed way too much and should not be washed.

Second step is dry soil removal. If you don’t get this out before the rug hits the water it will turn to mud and you will never get it out. We use big dusting machines called the “Rug Badger”.

Next off, you have to decide on the ideal cleaning method. A moderate rug shampoo is suitable for cleansing the carpet. See to it you stay clear of utilizing ammonia or anything harsh. Such harsh products could harm the look of a carpet. It aids to saturate the carpet in a full immersion pool of water. It needs to be able to adequately cover the entire rug. The water and also soap mix has actually to be gently combed into the rug.

After, the carpet should be scrubbed gently with mild hand held brushes to take off the visible dirt as well as various other spots and stains within it. Then, rinse and eliminate all the shampoo and water from the oriental area rug utilizing a long-handle ‘squeegee’ wiper to efficiently push out the water from the top of the carpet. You will most likely need to rinse it several times on the top and bottom to make sure that the water and shampoo is completely rinsed out.

Finally, you could make use of a professional portable carpet extractor to draw any remaining water from the rug. Take your time when attempting to extract the water out. Make certain you are not too aggressive going over the wool fibers.

As you can see the procedures for oriental rug cleaning in VA are quite detailed and some rugs are not colorfast. If you have no experience washing rugs we recommend calling our office to schedule a free pickup.

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