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Quality Carpet Cleaning ServicesLeave your home, business or commercial property sparkling clean with our Fairfax carpet cleaning service!

Astrobrite Carpet Cleaning will take care of almost any kind of rug or carpet cleaning job, large or small. We can disinfect and dry your carpets after a water damage, remove offensive odors, remove stains, and much more. If you have been searching for the most thorough carpet cleaning services at great rates, you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s a little more about the types of projects we can handle.

Residential Carpet Cleaning 

Has it been a long time since the rugs and carpets in your house were thoroughly cleaned and deodorized? Then do you think it’s time to call Astrobrite Carpet Cleaning? We can remove the spots, stains and discolorations in high-walk areas, and disinfect the entire carpet to remove unwanted odors from kids, pets, or from a lot of use. We will make your house smell fresh and wonderful, so you’re ready for entertaining your guests!

Carpet Cleaning for Apartments

The carpets in apartment buildings and homes can really take a pounding – and when someone vacates, it’s often time for some carpet restoration. Our carpet care service can handle your rental apartment carpet cleaning nearly anywhere in the Fairfax area. Count on us to remove spots/stains and bad odors and freshen up your apartment’s carpets anytime!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

To make the best impression for your visitors and clients the rugs, carpets and furniture in commercial office buildings and other businesses should have a scheduled regular cleanings. These commercial properties get a lot more foot traffic and wear and tear than carpets in homes. Let Astrobrite Carpet Cleaning take the pain of scheduling that repeating chore off your list. Our Fairfax carpet care service can include doing regular scheduled cleanings in your commercial building which will give you the peace of mind that your building is maintained well, so you won’t have to stop just to schedule this service each time.

Steam Cleaning / Hot Water Cleaning

How do we simply clean your carpets so well, every time? Because, we use the IICRC professional recommendation to use hot water extraction. It is also called steam cleaning  which removes as much grit, grime, oil and other pollutants from your carpet as possible. Hot water is sprayed onto the fabric of the carpet and then extracted back out – this results in squeaky clean carpets that often look like new!
Furniture Removal Services
We’ll definitely need access to the entire level to clean your carpets the proper way, ! If you are unable to remove the upholstery by yourself, we can help you remove any furniture or other heavy objects that are getting in your way – this is part of our deep carpet cleaning service. Some services will charge you extra for the removal and then replacement of the furniture, but not Astrobrite Carpet Cleaning!

Other Carpet Cleaning Services upon Request

Have a job not mentioned here? Not sure how to handle the cleaning of a particularly challenging job? Call Astrobrite Carpet Cleaning us now and tell us about your job. With our extensive experience in the cleaning business, chances are we can help!

We look forward to serving you soon!

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