extreme carpet cleaning Alexandria VA Apartment – Kids make our work fun!
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So, when’s the last time you had your carpet cleaned? I have a rug doctor okay that their dad was using when he was here but
I could never get it together after that. Okay, then it has been like a year or what since? It’s going to be a year in March. Okay, got you. This isn’t a rug doctor like so I could imagine that they probably played it before we got here so, I got you. All right thank you.

Hello guys, James here cleaning once again we got another fabulous job. We got a customer that’s in an apartment unit. It’s not that big but it’s got like three or four kids and their vacuum had broke. Therefore, they didn’t get a chance to vacuum it or clean it. This is the first time having it cleaned since they’ve moved in. Extreme carpet cleaning Alexandria VA Apartment will transform this carpet.

EXTREME CARPET CLEANING ALEXANDRIA VA APARTMENTWe’re gonna go in we’re going to take a look at it and see what we got. Stay with us, all right? Guys, let’s go in and see what we got.
Okay all right guys, so beautiful. All right so, we just got some red dye stains which are probably kool-aid, red wine, or red juice on the carpet. We got some red stains and spots that we’re gonna get out.

We’re going to probably have to crb the carpets as well as we’re going to come in with a great vacuum. We’re going to come and we’ll hit the side along the edge of the baseboard and carpet as usual. We’ll actually give the kids everything like some carpet protectors so that they can walk on the carpets after we finish.

Trying to move this bed back and forth here we’re going to do what we normally do. We’ll start in the back and work our way out.
We’ll shift this baby back and forth here and clean up under here. We got some red stains we’re gonna try to get most of those out guys. We got red stains. That’s two of them we’re gonna try to get most of them out. I’m not sure if it is some kind of spill that should come out.

Got some rich things over here. Did you put that on the floor? We got a few bleach marks they’re not going to move but the red thing should come out pretty well. Once again, we’re going to shift this bed and we got a lot of raisins here. I’m not sure if we can get all of the red stains out but we’re going to give it a good shot guys. To get as many as we can get out of here is a big race thing here. We’re really going to give it a shot but it depends on how long it’s been. We’ll see if it comes out. It may or may not come out.

“When’s the last time you had your carpet cleaning?” Okay, that their dad was using when he was here but I could never get it together after that. So, I was doing it and he was doing it but every time the carpeting would get dirty again. But then I was trying so it has it been like a year or what? It hasn’t been cleaned since March. Okay gotcha, okay yeah.

We were using the rubber docker so I could imagine that they probably played it before we got here. I got you all right thank you.
All right guys nothing’s more important than a great vacuum. What we’re going to do is we’re going to give this place a great vacuuming that’s going to remove probably 90 percent of all the dry soils and small pellets. Then you know we go that extra step most carpet cleaners don’t do.


We come and extract the size stay with us You know we love doing carpets like this we’re excited! Check the field to try to clean out earlier look foreign. So we turned the bed over. I guess they may have had some soda or something in here. They kind of still had the bed over it. We’re gonna clean that up also guys. Step one when we have that fun, step two you know what to do. We are pre-spraying now guys so we’re trying to we’re gonna spray pretty spray to help some of the worse stains out we’re just gonna come back and do a crb.

We’re going to scrub this rug and see if we can get the most out of it. We got some kool-aid spills over here in the corner. I think we might have some throw-up they may have missed. I’ll show that in a few seconds but we’re gonna try to get most of all of these marks out of here. We’re gonna try to just do our thing guys. This is what we love, I know you guys. Love to see it. This is one that we actually look for. We found it actually and prayed for this one today.

We felt a carpet to clean we got to clean this car. All, right guys, I told you that they got four kids and a little baby. I think they’ve scooped some formula. Maybe the baby might have had a little throw-up accident behind this shelf and they missed it. That’s all right. We’re going to clean it up. We got, I don’t know what this is. But, we’re going to try to get that up as well. We’re gonna go through and do a thorough cleaning guys.

This is my favorite part. This is the crb. We’re going to give this carpet a good scrub. It’s going to greatly improve the nap, the piles, and the way that it lays. It’s going to pull up a lot of these things to make it a lot easier to clean. When we do it’s going to pull a lot of the lint out of the fibers. This is the only way to clean the pocket like this. It’s called extreme carpet cleaning Alexandria VA Apartment

All right guys, we finished rule number one and it’s coming out fantastic. You guys take a look at the room number. Seriously, this
really is amazing! Wow, that is amazing! We have done the impossible once again. We have tackled an extremely challenging carpet. You know we love these carpets but I know you guys love to see exactly what we took out of the carpet. This is our workhorse. This is what we actually pulled out of that carpet. You would think it’s more but we got the others in the pre-filter.

Don’t think that’s just a little bit. I’m gonna pull that in here. There you go. All right, now we’re gonna show you what came out of the pre-filter. All right, let’s see what we got out of here guys. This is everything that we got out of here. Let’s pull it out of here.
This is all that we pulled out of the pre-filter. That’s from the size and everything else. How heavy is it? About two and a half pounds between the back that’s out of their house. We got one more thing to show you guys. Love the dirty water dump! There we go.

Tell you what, hold on a second, let me see. Alright guys, so if you like this video. Make sure that you subscribe, follow and smash that “like” button to get future updates on our videos. We’ll see you next time. Thanks for watching extreme carpet cleaning Alexandria VA Apartment.

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