Extreme carpet cleaning in Sterling VA

Welcome to sector 11. This area is under a level two biohazard quarantine. Please limit your contact with other personnel as much as possible. Have a safe and productive day. How did you find us again? I thought they were doctors. Yeah, however, no this is the real. This is a real deal! Praise God. Good morning YouTube. So, today we have an awesome job to do. It’s one that we actually like to record because we actually like to show you when we have dramatic differences on the carpet. This one we’re gonna do our best. We got a lot of stains! We’re gonna do a little bit of red remover, and a little bit of CR with a little bit of love and tug. We just do it. We don’t try to put our foot in it. Let me take you in and just take a look at it before. Then we’ll show you some pictures afterward. We have tears.

I’m gonna try not to get the kids on the video. If not we’ll cut through it for other networks. We’re ready to go. Okay, there we go alright! So, this is the first room we have. You got some stains in here. I’m not too
scared. One of the kids likes the mustard. She said and so we’ve got to work on those things and then we have some in here as well. I’m sorry to clean their carpet because we got kids. We don’t want to put the kids on here. I’ve got some red stains here. I saw the monster we got. Some over here. She’s not going to worry about the bleach spots. They were already here alright. Then we got a little bit of ketchup. She was kind of reluctant to let me record this. But I told you we would put a dame with it. But this is an awesome one. We should be great results. I told her I do my best work when I could record. So, she agreed to let me do it.

We got a room here and then one of the kids got a little bit. Alright, and they said “no, no, no you can’t clean it” Maybe not but we’re gonna try. We’re gonna slide these mattresses back and forth. 100 plus 100 equals 200 okay. Over here we’re gonna try like I said to get most of these paint stains. It really is, Let me see them whiten here. We got here, I don’t know if this glue. Probably so we gonna try to get that out. The more we use our carpet cleaning pre-treatment process it should allow this to come out hopefully a lot better. I’m not sure but, we’re gonna give it a shot guys. Were excited about doing jobs like this. Some we’re going to come in the recording. Show me, all right stay tuned. This is so crazy. Now, I have to take my jacket off. Better get to work.

Extreme carpet cleaning in Sterling VA

Alright, guys, we got one of the final reports we had little extra time this morning. This is so exciting! This is what we feel for as a corporate raider. We live for carpets like this. If you like the video subscribe and click the follow all, like and like. There you go oh right God we are so, so, so so, so, so excited! You know we just had some football c—minus in. And that was the Super Bowl but this is not our Super Bowl. we absolutely get Tony beep beep duck and we got coverage like this right here to try to restore them this is not even carpet cleaning this is what we call a corporate restoration customer had five kids three boys two girls and she was a weight for time and they had their way so she said she had two other cleaners come in and they couldn’t do anything. She saw it on YouTube. She comes from YouTube but in another department like this and she knew that was nobody else we call so she gave us a call and come back and be surprised.

She was totally confident that we can come together so so makes me weird it’s on a free spring then we’re going to come back to the second step. Remember, in the carpet restoration there are steps. There’s not just one way to clean that. So, it’s a three-part treatment. The first of all we came in we did a great back that’s going to get allowed to drive saw you out of the carpet no way around that. Then we actually take another step that most cleaners don’t do. We actually extract all the in but they normally get it from the bad carpet. They got a lot of trash in the engines and then we come back he’s gonna crv it and we’re going to remove a few of these ray Stantz waxes so another video Then we’ll come back and we’ll steam it. You should get great results that are suitable Superbowl 2020 very important of the one and always give them aside no say it again this coffins telling me no more but now chemistry is telling me no God please no-no-no.

Extreme carpet cleaning in Sterling VA

Alright, guys, we are downstairs I’m gonna take you for a quick walkthrough check out the upstairs we have other stairs but wrestling’s doing the downstairs you see how the CRP is taking the excess[ dirt out of the fibers so you see that’s really what it does in Spain. I’m gonna use my red one and a few seconds here you’ve seen us do it we’re gonna do it the fast way we’ll go behind you know nobody got the steamer I’m gonna be honest that’s for the cameras it’s great of this things as well there’s gonna work let me shut it upstairs God alright stairs has been done yet so they look like they look well this is before we actually even clean it we got a few stains a little bit of dirt but you can just see the difference already before we have even seen the coffee some things they may not come out of here but look so much better always are great. We’ll give you some after footage. All right, stay tuned.

What we’re gonna do is do a little rays removal. This one has way too many stains for us to get them all. But we’re gonna greatly improve this carpet. Maybe if she has this back we’re gonna try to get that’s a bleach mark that’s never going anywhere but we’re gonna use the same process a little bit different with the iron but the iron you have to put a wet rag down look on my wife’s gonna kill me I messed up iron will never have anything on with I’m a pillow that still a bet just a little bit in there now and they don’t continue to dissipate what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take this one over here we got another one here we gotta call that one where we just want to do a few so yeah they make very excited this is the Super Bowl and March is coming out absolutely he’s going the first American absolutely amazing results are we’re going on to rule them with two Paul oh my god number three still have some few visible stains on it but we got most of it out so breakfast coming down the stairs nicely.

Extreme carpet cleaning in Sterling VA

And again those are bleep spots it’s coming clean guys remember this will not be a flawless looking carpet the stains are in there like the red stains and be able to get a lot of it out we were actually throwing in the big red things for the customer she didn’t mean we’re not charging for the raised things always so we are actually putting in the rich things with the rest of us between here so we just kind of threw it in there took a lot of big hotels that’s like you still see I know we did you guys saw it through the red stain removal process but 20 minutes it’s a hundred of Millie definitely had to tow a lot of time today to do that stuff at all yeah we don’t have an upgraded chemical either so that’s why you still see some red stains but we got the big ones out and I think the customer will be extremely happy carpet is very very very clean yeah from where it came from so I think they’ll be happy so no no I’m not gonna take a look at what you think.

so doubles of the bleach stage that I told you that came up as we were cleaning it but it looks better doesn’t it? I got you all right go check upstairs be ketchup stain that’s going right smells fantastic oh wow much much much better it looks better than when I moved in. Wow, fabulous great! The boys’ rooms look like new carpet. it looks like a new carpet. Fabulous! Wow! Wow! This I’m telling you I know it’s things and what not but like I said I took a video what I’m looking I’m not concerned yeah a lot the bleaching, yeah they all said you had had a few people that try to clean it before yeah how did it didn’t come out that good yeah what you had like two people. Okay, they got they did warn spots however they didn’t know deodorizing okay and they did not get the stairs and these well-worn areas.

I have this thing what happens yeah yes. Wow so how did you, how did you find us again? This is real praise God yes ma’am. Okay so yeah nothing I let you know how this works. Now we’ve got the best we can do if we had I did this nine days ago and did it again and we come even better if you get it on the rotation. But nothing we do the bleach thing you know I hate this you put those in their cuz we really got those red stains more and more but the bleach obviously it’s the car town. We got as much as we can but it’s definitely okay. I am so pleased! come here like I said I will await it. Achieva came from Charlotte praise God awesome. We really appreciate you being with the customers very satisfied with the cleaning. Remember, if you like this video to follow click the bail button to get new videos when we update them and subscribe we keep subscribers to our channel so subscribe and like the video we appreciate you guys we’ll see on the network.

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