How To Properly Vacuum Your Carpet

vacuum cleaner with vacuum head or beater bar

How To Properly Vacuum Your Carpet

Whether you have a new or old carpet, it is important to vacuum the debris on a regular basis. This will not only make the carpet fibers look better, but it will also increase its life expectancy. When vacuuming, be sure to buy a high-quality vacuum to ensure optimum results. Keep in mind, however, that all vacuums are not created equally. It is best to consult the manufacturer of the carpet to find out which type of vacuum cleaners is suitable. You may want to avoid using a standard cleaner, as some types of modern, “soft” carpets require a different kind of vacuum.

Vacuum On The Floor

Once you’ve chosen the model of vacuum, you’ll need to decide which type you want to use. A good place to research the best vacuums is the Carpet and Rug Institute. You should buy a HEPA upright model with a beater bar that will vacuum up pet hair and more dust. But if you only have a canister machine with bags it is better than nothing. You could find the right vacuum for under $200 which would be a great buy. The brand of vacuum you choose depends on the type of carpet you have. It’s important to check the carpet for loose objects that could break the vacuum. Some brands are specifically made for carpets and are recommended by the manufacturer. Before you start vacuuming, remove small objects from the carpet to prevent the vacuum from breaking.

Carpets Height

When it comes to vacuuming carpets, you need to make sure that the vacuum head is set at the correct height for your carpet. Most vacuums allow you to adjust the head height, while others automatically adjust. The right level is essential for the best suction power and the health of the carpet fibers. When you vacuum your carpet, you should also remove paper clips, as these can get caught in the vacuum canister. If the vacuum is not properly adjusted, this will result in uneven wear on the carpet.

Before you start vacuuming dirt debris from the dirty floors, remember to uncoil the power cord so that it can be placed out of the way. You can perform several passes on the carpet depending on the type of dirt, dust, debris, and the amount of traffic. If the carpeting is thin, you may need to make more passes over the carpet fibers. Heavy traffic areas may need seven passes. When vacuuming, remember to always run the vacuum against the nap of the wall to wall carpet, as this will ensure all the dirt is recovered in the vacuum bag. It is also a good idea to use the upholstery attachment, like for example the crevice tool, to reach the room’s edges. You’ll need to pull it into the hose attachment.

How to Properly Vacuum Your Carpet

Same Spot Push It In The Bag

Before you begin vacuuming remember, for best results vacuum the carpet properly by using an upright vacuum with a beater bar. You should vacuum slowly all floor coverings. Don’t just vacuum forward in one direction but also in the opposite direction. Go over high traffic areas at least twice a week or more.

Another good way to vacuum your carpet is to sprinkle it with bicarbonate of soda. This is best done every couple of months or so. It helps to eliminate household smells and deodorize the vacuum cleaner. This solution doesn’t need to be applied every week, but it should be applied in a couple of months. And it doesn’t need to be applied weekly. You can do it once a month if you’d like.

All Carpets and Floor Coverings

When vacuuming, make sure to vacuum the entire surface. This will help prevent stains and help keep your carpet looking clean. You can start by adjusting the height of the machine. Then, adjust the vacuum to the correct level and begin the process over again. Then, repeat the process until you’ve cleaned the entire carpet. It will help to protect your investment by keeping it as clean as possible. And the best part is that it won’t harm your carpet.

If you have a carpet with shag or sheepskin rugs, make sure to use a vacuum attachment that will clean the face side. It’s important to use the right size and angle of the brush to clean your rugs. Once you have figured out what you need, you can then buy accessories that will help you clean your carpet. Also, you should set the beater bar so that the bristles touch the fibers at the base of your furniture.

Don’t Vaccum Carpets The Wrong Way

When you start cleaning, be sure to use an upright vacuum in a slow and controlled manner. When vacuuming a carpet or rug, it’s best to vacuum in a slow and steady pace. This will allow the brush to agitate the carpet and pick up more dirt. If you are using a handheld vacuum, be sure to adjust the height of the cleaning device accordingly. This can make all the difference in the cleanliness of your carpet. To get out the most foot traffic, vacuum in a straight line all over the entire room. For any large debris, you can either pick it up or use the crevice tool.

Always do a maintenance check of your vacuum cleaner to keep it in good working condition. You should check the vacuum bag, the suction of the motor, and remove hairs from the beater brush. A vacuum cleaner can lose efficiency if these three steps are not taken. It can lose suction especially if the dust passes the vacuum bag fill line. Also, check the brush as some fibers get stuck in between.

Not All Floors Are Created Equal

Finally, you need to create a vacuum daily schedule. Most people are only vacuuming twice a week. If you are living in a house with a lot of pets and or kids you definitely have a room if not many rooms with dirty high traffic areas and edges. An example of this would be the playroom or recreation room. Vacuuming tips for this room are to deep clean the floors carpeting of all dirt with a deep clean machine. Then get that floor on a maintenance schedule to be vacuumed once or twice a day. Any carpets or area rugs not vacuumed every day need to have a vacuum cleaner go over it at least two to three times in the week.

It’s now your responsibility to follow up on this schedule after purchasing the right equipment for the job. Put your schedule on the refrigerator and get the whole family to help. This will keep your carpets as clean as possible until it is time for carpet cleaning. That’s when you can call us. Astrobrite Carpet Cleaning Fairfax VA at 703-914-2811 or mobile/text 703-580-1536.

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