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Are You Embarrassed by the Stains and Pet Odor in Your Home?

Carpet Cleaning Fairfax VA Northern VirginiaHello, I’m Steve Hunter. I specialize in assisting homeowners like yourself save time getting your home healthier for your entire family. Since 1988, I have removed thousands of disgusting stains and revolting pet odors and left the carpet and upholstery to dry in only two hours. I am not saying I am the best, but I do promise to do my best just as if your home was my mother’s. I’ll get rid of the grime, save you time and your neighbors and guests will be so impressed they’ll say “can he do mine!










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The Deepest Cleaning Ever Or It’s Free!

If all you want is cheap, brush the dirt off the surface cleaning, please call another company. Our method will give you the most thorough cleaning ever! Plus protect your family’s health. You will feel completely overjoyed with your beautiful looking, soft, fresh-smelling carpet. I guarantee it or we will re-clean it free. If you are still not happy with our deep cleaning I will refund every penny. That’s my word and my word is my bond.

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          1. Choose From Steam or Dry Cleaning
          2. No Pushy Sales Games
          3. 27 Years of Experience
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Guaranteed 200% The Deepest Cleaning You’ve Ever Seen or It’s Free!

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At Astrobrite the most important priority is our loyal customers and their happiness and complete satisfaction. We strive to leave your home better than we found it, and we guarantee the best prices and professional service Rug Cleaners Fairfax VA Carpet Caring Services Northern Virginia.

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From our 10 step deep carpet cleaning to our specialty deep stain removal to disinfecting those areas that get the most use, our thorough service “Rug Cleansing Fairfax VA Arlington Carpets Care Services Northern Virginia” carpet cleaning company will be proud to bring you what you want.

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“It’s was very simple: I Hired Astrobrite Carpet Cleaning for my cleaning.  They came out and did a super job! From their professional customer service to the excellent service they did on my home, I’ll never call anyone else.” …Jessica M

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The best step to a very clean home is to communicate! Call or email to tell us about your job and how we can help. We’ll ask for photos or come in person to see the area, and then we’ll give you a fair quote. Carpet Cleansing Fairfax VA Rug Services Help Northern Virginia

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Key To Successful Commercial Carpet Cleaning Is Knowing Your Carpet

Commercial carpets don’t seem to get the same attention as our home carpets do. More often we consider commercial carpet cleaning about as important as visiting your worst enemy. They are treated as a burden not worthy of someone’s time or care. It’s regrettable because a little knowledge and your commercial carpets would stay looking like new for a long time. The key to successful commercial carpet cleaning is knowing your carpet.

Get To Know Your Commercial Carpets

By the time you are finished checking out this article, you’ll know how to get to know your commercial carpets better. Once you get familiar with your commercial carpets your commercial carpet cleaning will be effective and keep your carpets looking new. Many commercial carpet cleaning processes use water. There are both benefits and disadvantages to using water to clean your commercial carpet. By knowing the type of carpets you have you can choose the appropriate cleaning process for them. First, you need to know what variety of backing the carpet has and how the carpet is connected to the floor. Next, you need to know the type of yarn and what the carpet fibers are constructed from. Once you know this you can extend the life of your carpet by utilizing the correct amount of water solution.

Benefits of Water

Most commercial carpet cleaning contractors will agree that the more water you use during the cleaning the better the cleaning results will be. Because the more water you flush through the more dirt that is transported. And this is absolutely true. When you use water is becomes the medium and the dirt gets suspended in the water, however, the more water you get onto the carpet the more water that is left in the carpet which can create plenty of problems.

Cons of Water

Water left in the carpet can cause mold, stretching, damage to the subfloor, and damage to the adhesive to name just a few of the problems. By knowing the kind of carpet you have you can determine the correct amount of water and solution to use so you don’t encounter any of the problems from excessive water. The carpet backing is the layer between the carpet fibers and the subfloor. There are many different types of backing but the two main categories are permeable and impermeable. A permeable back allows water to travel through the backing to the floor’s surface. In commercial applications, this is generally concrete and the carpet is glued directly to the floor. Over-wetting the carpet allows the water to reach concrete which can result in very long drying periods, and staining from wicking which is caused by the wet carpet absorbing minerals from the concrete.


Another big problem is that most of the adhesives are water-soluble so you know what the water does to the adhesive. It dissolves it. An impermeable backing doesn’t allow the water to reach the floor surface so the water never affects the adhesive or causes wicking. An impermeable back means your carpet will dry a lot faster.


There are also two main types of face yarn used in commercial carpets. They are loop pile and cut pile. Loop pile has carpet fibers that create a closed loop that is more tightly woven and provides fewer places for the dirt to get lodged or the water to soak in. Cut pile has open face yarn with individual threads. Because the fibers are looser there is an unlimited number of places for the dirt to reside and the water to hold. So if you have a cut pile carpet with a permeable back on a concrete floor what do you think will be the result. Well, you’ll almost have a wading pool if you don’t use a minimal amount of water. Too much water and you’ll be waiting for days for the carpet to dry and the glue will let go in the process.

Best For H20

There are also two types of carpet fiber that clean well with water. Nylon and Olefin are both common in commercial carpets. Neither absorbs water so you can use a good dose of water without worrying about soaked carpets. However, you need to watch the chemicals because a few of the harsher ones can lift the dye off of the nylon. Wool is a natural fiber and it absorbs water which means you need to watch the amount of water you use with wool. You also need to be careful when using harsh chemicals which can react with the wool.


Finally, to sum it up a nylon carpet with an impermeable back is the easiest to clean and maintain. You can use plenty of water and you won’t need to worry about the glue lifting or it takes days to dry. Regardless of what carpet combo you have the key to successful commercial carpet cleaning is knowing your carpet. Important Information

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