Mattress Cleaning Northern VA Fairfax

Northern VA Mattress Cleaning Fairfax

How long have you gone without a mattress cleaning service?

Mattress Cleaning Northern VA

Mattress Cleaning Northern VA

FACT: DUST MITES! On average, 2 million of these nasty, disgusting, “bugs” living, thriving, breeding and depositing mounds of fecal matter in every mattress, including are YOURS, and those of YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS!

The extremely potent allergens they produce cause very unhealthy conditions for all, especially our children and the elderly. Our beds, where we spend a third of our life feeling safe, comfortable and cozy, are actually making every one of us and our family members, physically ill to varying degrees. Exposures to these allergens, especially for newborns and children up to the age of 5 years, can lead to PERMANENT AND LIFE-LONG health problems. Even adults are not immune and can also develop these same PERMANENT AND LIFE-LONG health problems.  See routine pillow and mattress cleaning for more information.


Step 1 – The system combines high powered incredible hot steam suction which loosens and removes particles of dirt and organisms inside the mattress. The device will remove dust, dust mites and their feces from deep within the mattress. The debris is collected in a water trap chamber, which retains 99.97% of anything 0.3 microns or bigger and stops it from being circulated back into the air we breathe.

Step 2 –  A germ killing Microban X-580 contains pyrethrum, a naturally-derived insecticidal ingredient. Because this natural ingredient is so powerful, X-580 protects pets and family against harmful insects like fleas, ticks, lice, bedbugs, mosquitoes, dust mites, roaches, wasps, centipedes and other critters. Microban X-580 even kills flying and nuisance insects. Microban X580 is applied the mattress which kills organisms such as dust mites, bacteria, mould, fungal spores and viruses. Microban X580 has a powerful germicidal action which kills viruses and other pathogens.

Step 3 – Finally a chemical-free deodorizing and sanitizing spray is applied, which is completely harmless to humans and animals. It is entirely plant-based and requires no airing. Call Mattress Cleaning Northern VA at 703-914-2811 today!

Routine Mattress Cleaning

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