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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Northern Va


Hi, I’m Steve Hunter. I graduated from Groveton High School (now

Professional carpet cleaning services northern va

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Northern Va

West Potomac) in 1983. I began working in the restaurant business where I learned the importance of customer service. In 1988 I started working for a carpet cleaning company in Lorton VA.

I really became dismayed when I learned about their unethical upselling methods. They trained me to get in and get out. The manager would always say “rock and roll”. Which meant rushing through unless you could upsell or get the price higher by selling more.

The owner didn’t want the carpets cleaned very well unless they purchased the shampoo (another machine) deep scrub service. Most of their customers were very disappointed in the service that the company provided.
Their low-advertised special didn’t include deodorizer, spot removal, or anything else. They taught me to do “bait and switch” carpet cleaning. The portables we used were the same Rug Doctor machines in the grocery store you can rent now except without the scrubber attachment.

The customers either spent a lot more money than expected to get a subpar service or got a lousy cleaning.  There are still a lot of those unethical companies doing that same kind of business today.

I soon quit working with that fly-by-night company and started my own carpet cleaning service Astrobrite Carpet Cleaning Northern VA Fairfax. I decided to make sure I never did business like that company. I purchased new equipment that was “state of the art” and promised to always clean deeper than any other carpet cleaner.

You have to see the steam that comes out of our truck-mounted equipment. It is sure to put the heat on your dirty carpets! I’ve been cleaning carpets in the Northern Virginia area since 1988 and I have enjoyed taking old stale tired dirty carpets and turning them into fresh soft like new carpets with the restoration process of the Rotovac and Sapphire truck mount.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Northern Va

Reliable carpet cleaning services northern va pet

Reliable carpet cleaning services northern va dog

My company is family-run so you might speak with my wife, son, nephew, or me when you call. We are


all dedicated to providing excellent service. We are also dog lovers and I have posted a picture of our dogs Trina and Roxie since they are part of our family and we are a family-run business. They have been testing our pet odor and stain removers over the years. Well, they did a lot more testing when they were puppies.

Trina and Roxie have made a mess of my carpets since they were puppies.
Lucky for them we’re certified by the IICRC in odor control and stain removal in carpet & upholstery cleaning.

I would love the opportunity to clean your carpets. The bulk of my business comes from our customers like Bob Peterson of Fairfax, VA and Kris Chase of Annandale, VA, and Mona Irvin of Centerville, VA referring us to family and friends, but once or twice a year, when business slows down a bit, I make an offer like the one on our coupons page to prospective new customers. But remember, this offer will expire shortly, so please, take advantage of it. People are never sorry when they buy the best, and you won’t be either!

 I’ve been in business serving the people of Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William counties for 20 years, and because of our commitment to outstanding workmanship and unsurpassed customer service. If you’re not thrilled with the results, call me and we will re-clean it for free!

I use the Rotovac Power wand which replaces the manual scrub wand for extraction carpet cleaning. Combining rotary agitation with hot water extraction, the Rotovac cleans better, leaves the carpet drier, and is much easier to use than a wand.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Northern Va


The Rotovac has two stainless steel cleaning heads that counter-rotate at 250 r.p.m. Each cleaning head has three solution jets and three vacuum slots. This produces 1500 multi-directional cleaning passes per minute… all day long.

A person with a manual scrub wand can only make around 60 directional cleaning passes per minute. As the person tires, this number decreases, along with the quality.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Northern Va

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With its intensive, aggressive cleaning action, I can restore heavily soiled rugs and matted traffic areas with ease. Call Astrobrite Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Northern Va at (703) 914-2811 or get a free carpet cleaning estimate.


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