Carpet Cleaning Mount Vernon VA Rug Cleaners

Mount Vernon VA Carpet Cleaning Upholstery Rug Care

Great Results! I have been using Stanley Steemer for the last several years and happened upon an ad for Astrobrite, so figured I would give it a shot. The results are night and day. I have two dogs and my carpets look brand new. – Tim Martin, Alexandria, VA

Carpet Cleaning Mount Vernon VA Upholstery Rug Care

Don’t Let Your Visitors See The Spots and Stains on Your Carpet!

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I have been cleaning carpets since 1988 and have removed dozens of pollutants that can create health issues for your family. You see, your carpet is one huge filter that encapsulates the dust particles and other unhealthy air impurities. Just like any filter, it must be cleaned regularly to keep functioning.

Before you choose which carpet cleaners to use, think about the horror stories you’ve heard from other Virginia residents. Perhaps you’ve even paid good money to a carpet cleaning company to have all of the carpets in your house cleaned. A coupon rate always feels like a good deal, the cleaners are in and out, giving you what you invested in. A few months later, sometimes sooner, carpet stains reappear on your carpets. You are confronted with finding a different carpet cleaning company to come out and clean your carpets right!

They often leave carpets so wet that it takes them days to dry. You can’t risk wet carpets for that long because they quickly grow mildew, which aggravates sufferers of allergies, asthma, and sinus problems.

It’s better to choose a local company with a good reputation like Astrobrite Carpet Cleaning Mount Vernon VA Upholstery Rug Care. We have a 10 Step Best

Carpet Cleaning Mount Vernon VA method that is safe for families, using a Baby Safe solution without any solvents, butyl, chlorides, soaps, or surfactants. You’ll see that our rotary scrubbing carpet cleaning technique is effective when you hire us the first time. Better yet, your rugs and carpets will dry out within a few hours. It will be easy for your family to get back to the important task of relaxing in your home!

Expect that we will provide you with a written quote after measuring your carpets. You will never pay way too much for cleaning. These services should be included, Unfortunately, many “fly-by-night” companies are advertising the cheapest prices to obtain their access.

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Compare our deep cleaning with the competition!

Hurry call Astrobrite Carpet Cleaning Mount Vernon VA Upholstery Rug Care at (703) 914-2811 before we get overbooked or request a Free Estimate.

“Astrobrite does a wonderful job! One thing I have learned in 8 years of hiring carpet cleaners is, you get what you pay for. I would recommend them for any job, large or small. They are a joy to do business with.” – William Sweeny, Alexandria, VA

According to Wikipedia Mount Vernon was the plantation house of George Washington, the first President of the U.s., and his wife, Martha Dandridge Custis Washington. The estate is situated on the banks of the Potomac River in Fairfax County, Virginia, near Alexandria, across from Prince George’s County, Maryland. The Washington family had owned land in the area since the time of Washington’s great-grandfather in 1674. In 1739 they started an expansion of the estate that continued under George Washington, who succeeded of the estate in 1754 but did not become its sole owner until 1761.

The mansion is built of wood in a loose Palladian style and was constructed by George Washington in stages between 1758 and 1778. It occupies the site of an earlier, smaller house built by George Washington’s father Augustine, a few years between 1726 and 1735. It remained Washington’s country home for the rest of his life.

Following his death in 1799, under the ownership of several successive generations of the family, the estate progressively declined as revenues were insufficient to maintain it adequately. In 1858, the property’s historical importance was recognized and it was saved from ruin by The Mt Vernon Ladies Association; this philanthropic organization acquired it in addition to part of the Washington property estate. Escaping the damage suffered by many plantation houses during the American Civil War, Mount Vernon was repaired.

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