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*Pet urine stain removal*

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Eliminate pet odors with enzyme based odor control.  We will work together to find the source of the odors, then we will injest enzymes that love to eat the source of that odor.  It may take a little while but it is a solution that works. While we are waiting for the process to work we can apply an effective deodorizing agent to the area.


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The Best Pet Odor Remover

                  You Will Never Smell Or It's Free!* Dries in 2-3 Hours!

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Your Dog & Cat Will Get Mad With Our Pet Urine Eliminator!

That's right, your dog & Cat will be mad! Mad because he or she doesn't smell his or her familiar territory that was marked with urine last time.


My dad has been cleaning carpets and removing pet urine since 1988. He says "I am Certified with the IICRC as an Odor Control technician. I specialize in removing pet odors from floors and carpets for homeowners just like you. Give me a call today at 703-914-2811."


Pet Odor Removal in Northern Virginia

"You're About to Discover the Fastest,  Easiest And Safest Way To Say 'Goodbye' To Embarrassing Pet Odors And Pet Stains For Good!"

Dear Friend,

You love your dog and your cat but you want a fast, easy and safe way to remove their pet odor – even if you’ve tried everything else - with little or no results, then take a closer look at Astrobrite Carpet Cleaning of Northern Virginia.

It doesn’t matter if it has been treated, Pets urine and pet stains can be an embarrassing problem. And as you know, it's nearly impossible to hide it with ordinary over the counter products...

But There Is A Solution!





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"PetBreak took care of both my odor and stain problem quickly and this really worked great!" Linda Jackson, Woodbridge, VA

"I never dreamed I could have my house back..."
They were right...after using their services I was amazed at how easy those stains and odors disappeared. They sprayed and it was done.

Now I can have guest over WITHOUT fear of my house smelling or seeing embarrassing stains all over my carpets from our puppies. PetBreak took care of both my odor and stain problem quickly and this really worked great! I recommend Astrobrite stain and odor services to anyone!"


PetBreak with Supercide

Odor and Stain Eliminator


PetBreak with Supercide combines the cleaning and deodorizing power of natural oxygen with the odor bonding and encapsulating power of Supercide to give the professional cleaner an entirely new way to neutralize odors caused by urine contamination, without leaving strong and potentially offensive fragrances behind.

 In addition, the natural oxygen will effectively eliminate stains caused by the urine contamination. This revolutionary formula also includes special additives to enhance solution penetration and improve rinsing and removal. It also contains anti-resoiling properties that keep the treated area from attracting residue.

Our Urine Contamination Treatment is a powerful product that handles a variety of stubborn pet odor situations. Supercide contains 22 different ingredients so it is extremely effective. An aromatic, acid-based product, this formulation absorbs the malodor and neutralizes it for complete removal.

Our Urine Contamination Treatment can be used effectively on carpets, upholstery and hard surfaces like tile, concrete and wood; it is even safe for use on stain-resistant carpet. Choose Supercide for severe odor situations by applying it right out of the bottle.

 PetBreak combines powerful odor counteractants with an effective pre-spray! With Supercide, you can actually pre-condition traffic lanes and deodorize carpets at the same time.

This broad spectrum deodorizer contains active ingredients with added disinfecting oxygen, so you can count on attacking odors at their source and permanently removing them. Dilute 6 ounces per gallon of water.



Pet Odor Removal

If you have pets in your home, you will have to deal with the problem of pet odor. It is one thing to love your pet but it’s another thing to deal with pet odor. As a pet owner, you will know that dogs and cats have an inherent need to mark their territories by urinating at certain areas. Whether it’s the carpet, rug or furniture, it can be very tough to totally remove the pet odor, which can be embarrassing and unhealthy for human beings. Astrobrite has been providing first-rate cleaning services to northern Virginia folks for more than 20 years and they can certainly help to remove pet odor from your home. 

Generally, the most serious pet odor comes from pet urine. Assuming that you own a dog, you will see that your dog will continuously urinate at the same spots where it can smell the odor. If you don’t clean it thoroughly, your dog will pick up the odor and do its business there over and over again. In due time, the urine will leave a mark on your carpet or rug, causing it to be stained. How do you remove pet odor and pet stains? Some people use common household items like vinegar and baking soda but you can just as easily buy a nontoxic pet odor removal from the supermarket or pet shop. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find the places where your dog may have urinated, especially if you have dark-colored carpets or rugs. Well, you can buy a pet urine detector or you can spend some time to look for some discoloration on your carpet or rug. 

It must be remembered that there are varying levels of pet odor which depend on factors such as your dog’s health, gender, medical history, and age. Normally, the urine of an older dog is stronger than that of a younger dog. By knowing these things, you will then know what dog odor removal products you should purchase. Before applying the treatment on your carpet or rug, you have to vacuum the area to remove pet hair. It’s best that you use nontoxic products because it will be safer for your pets and well as your family members. Make sure that you clean the carpet, rug or upholstery thoroughly so that the items will not suffer permanent damage and you should know that your dog can pick up the faintest odor, which means that it will start to urinate on the spot again. 

If you are not sure about which pet removal product is best, then you should consider PetBreak with Supercide. This excellent pet odor cleaner is used by Astrobrite in their pet odor removal services. Combining natural oxygen’s cleaning and deodorizing powers and Supercide’s encapsulating and odor bonding powers, the revolutionary formula helps to remove per odor completely. There are a total of 22 ingredients in PetBreak with Supercide, which work together to absorb and neutralize pet odor. Give us a call today and we can give you more information about Astrobrite’s pet odor removal services. 


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