Carpet Cleaning Is Now Rocket Science

An innovation that was developed for use in outer space might now assist zap dirt and allergens in your home. It’s yet another case where “rocket science” has actually come home to improve life on earth. The technology, an X-ray analyzer “gun” used on Space Shuttle Discovery, has been adapted to determine exactly what does it cost? soil cleansing products eliminate from carpet. That’s good news for homeowners due to the fact that this innovation is being utilized to keep today’s resilient stain-resistant rugs cleaner and assist them last even longer.

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Carpet Cleaning Is Now Rocket ScienceRoutine Deep Cleaning Vacuums and wet-cleaning devices that you buy or rent can remove loose soil, spills and spots. Even with this type of regular cleaning, soil builds up. Proper carpet care needs regular deep cleaning, ideally every 12 to 18 months, to get rid of trapped soil and residues, say experts. Specialists using portable extractors and devices mounted in service vans do this type of cleansing. Your carpet service warranty might require such routine cleaning.

Not all cleaning equipment and options clean equally well. Independent testing reveals that various cleaning detergents and area removers clean no better than water. These cleaning items can leave a sticky residue that draws in soil back to the carpet, degrading carpet appearance. There are also huge differences in the soil removal capability of carpet cleaning devices, particularly extractors. Seal of Approval The X-ray fluorescence innovation enhanced by NASA has permitted the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) to establish a new Seal of Approval testing and certification program for carpet cleaning items.

Just those products satisfying high efficiency standards get the bronze-, silver- or gold-level Seal of Approval. This not just assists customers acknowledge quality products, however it likewise highlights the very best methods for preserving the life and appeal of carpet. Appropriate carpet care needs routine deep cleaning, ideally every 12 to 18 months, to get rid of trapped soil and residues, say specialists. Professionals using portable extractors and equipment installed in service vans do this type of cleaning. Your carpet guarantee may require such periodic cleansing.

By Tom Klenner Astrobrite Carpet Cleaning Northern VA

At Astrobrite Carpet Cleaning Northern VA not only do we use CRI cleaning solutions but we also use the most technological cleaning equipment, specifically the Rotovac rotary wand. It cleans 20 to 30 times deeper and faster than the old metal wands the technician pushes back and forth. This means better deeper cleaning,  faster drying and less chance for dirt to wick back up after your carpet cleaner leaves.

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