Get Your Security Deposit Back After Moving Out Carpet Cleaning In Northern VA

Moving Out Carpet Cleaning In Northern VAThe final thing you probably want to do as you move out of a rental home is to clean the place. Like it or not, you’re expected to vacate it exactly as lovely as it was when you first moved in.

If you leave a grimy place behind for your property owner, they can hold off the cost to tidy up from your security deposit. Anyway, it is your mess. But the security deposit is your money too. You would like as much of it returned as humanly possible, correct? So just what are your obligations?

How to get your security deposit back – Moving Out Carpet Cleaning In Northern VA

Check Out Your Lease

Besides common cleanup duties such as cleaning the floor or doing vacuuming the carpet, the landlord/owner expects you to do an excellent cleaning to get that rental house back into pristine condition. Move-out expectations differ, so research your rental agreement or lease to see what the landlord wants you to do.

Common Cleanup Duties

Typical cleaning of homes includes wipe down the baseboard, doorknob, and light switch; dust ceiling lights and fans; cleaning the windows; and a good thorough cleaning of appliances. Some owners may expect a professional carpet cleaning also. It’s worth your energy and time to read every move-out itemization in your lease agreement, as some landlords charge extra fees if you don’t take care of an item on the list or if you don’t finish it within the specified time period.

Carpet House Repair Damages

Once you hand over the keys, the house must have been repaired, including minor damage. A few nail holes may not be important to you, but if you don’t fix them, the owner has to. That means they can charge you in the form of a deduction from your security down payment. Here’s a checklist of things to do:

Fill in nail and tack holes with a small amount of putty. Erase scuff prints on the wall and floor with a special foam eraser, also known as the Magic Eraser. Rub a walnut over scratches in hardwood floors, or use a fill them in wood marker that completely matches the colors of the floor.

Replace anything you may have temporarily taken out, such as cabinet hardware you swapped out for something that suits your style. Look at each room and closet, replacing any light bulbs that no longer light up.

Is cleaning not your thing? Contract someone else If you decide not to clean and fix everything on the move-out list, there’s still hope. Hire a cleaning service to tackle your checklist. Just ensure you’re available to inspect the space afterward to make sure they took care of everything. The same includes repairs. If you broke a handrail off in a stairway, for instance, and don’t have any time to spend repairing it, hire a handyman or contractor to handle the problem.

Moving Out Carpet Cleaning In Northern VA

The carpets are one of the most aesthetic qualities of your home. If your landlord sees ugly stains and spots, you may not see much if any of your security deposit. The landlord may believe your carpets are too dirty for cleaning. He or she may resolve to replace all the rugs. There goes all your security deposit and more. Replacing the carpets could go way over the security deposit. You may not only lose the entire security deposit but could receive a bill for the difference. Therefore, it is imperative you have the carpets cleaned by a local professional move-out carpet cleaning service in Northern VA.

A trusted and reputable move-out carpet cleaning service can restore carpets to “a like-new” condition. They have special spotters that can get paint, grease, furniture bleed, rust, kool-aid, or any red dye stain out. Most rental equipment and cleaning solvents that you can get from your local grocery store or hardware store usually can fall short of what a professional can do with heated high-powered carpet cleaning equipment. Also, forget about getting rust, red-dye, and furniture stains out with the cleaners you can buy there. The professionals have all these chemicals ready. A “do-it-yourself” would have to buy these special spotters brand new in full containers (more than he would need) when all they need is just a couple of drops. That is why you shouldn’t tackle this on your own. Call a professional to guarantee your landlord will not think of replacing the carpets.

Inform Your Landlord

Inform the owner of specific items you can’t repair on your own, such as a cracked or hanging handrail. Your landlord may ask to see the damage and assess whether they can repair it very quickly. If so, you may possibly be off the hook. Otherwise, expect a repair bill.

Telling the landlord of potential damage or cleaning concerns is always much better than skipping out and leaving the work for your landlord. If you completely bail on your obligations, you’ll probably not get some– or all– your security deposit back.

You Could Be Charged

If the damage is over and beyond the minimum, such as missing floor tile, mold on the shower door, or large stains on the carpet, the landlord could charge you more than the amount of your deposit. For example, if your holding deposit is $1000 and it will cost $1,400 to repair everything in your unit, you may owe $400 to cover the difference.

Rules For Holding Back A Security Deposit

Whenever a landlord keeps any money from your security deposit (including charging you extra), you deserve a detailed itemization of the charges. Check your state laws to ensure the costs are legal. Common sense also can apply; for example, a $300 credit to fill three small nail holes is completely extreme and likely would not stand up in court.

What Can You Do?

What should you work on if your landlord wrongfully kept your security deposit? Overall, taking care of a minor aggravation– cleaning your old place– is definitely worth the time. Plus, you agree to do it when you sign your rental contract. Once you’ve refreshed your old home, you’ll get your deposit money back, as well as assurance, knowing you’re going to leave on good terms with your former landlord. On to a new beginning!

Moving Out Carpet Cleaning In Northern VA

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